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                                         JOB PROTECTING STRATEGIES
"Don't just strive the tough times. Thrive"
Here are some strategies by which you can be able to protect your job based Men's Health.

TIP 1-- Seduce the boss
" You need to figure out what turns your boss on," says Stephen Viscusi, author of BULLETPROOF YOUR JOB. He needs to think of you as more than just another employee.
THE TASK: Chat up your boss over lunch or short break, and cultivate a joint interest with him in something unrelated to work. Then set up a Google alert for the topic and you'll become a reliable source of information for him.

TIP 2-- Be Loyal
" Don't think performance alone decides who is let go," says Preeti Monga, corporate trainer and career counselor." They have to lay someone off". SO stick with the boss who hired you, and he'll remember how your always stand out.
THE TASK: Stay in touch. Take him to lunch every month, tell him about your new achievements, and pick up projects overlapping with his new realm. That way, he's still involved in your work and can at least put in a good word when the spreadsheets come out." ALso remember, productivity is the key," says Monga.

TIP 3-- Evaluate your emotions
A lot of layoff decisions are based on relationships and perceptions of how you fit in. If you're a constant contrarian, you're not seen as contributing, even if you are, watch out.
THE TASK: If you're stressed disengage rather than risk appearing like a hothead. "Get positive by putting happy reminder on your screen" says Monga. Excuse yourself to take a walk or push back an appointment. Its your job to be active, positive and make valuable contributions.

TIP 4-- Toot your horn
Boasting's bad and annoys everyone. But get real: Your boss should known how you sweated to close the deal
THE TASK: Tell him about it modestly, says John Gibbons, research advisor at the Conference Board, a workplace think tank. " If a customer praises your work, congratulate your boss and thank him for inspiring you," says Monga. Give credit to your team. At your annual review, quantity your achievements in terms of money. In tough times, numbers are what everyone hears.

TIP 5-- Compete Right
Layoff protection is like the old joke about two guys in the woods, says Mike Mann, senior vice president at New York-based defense firm L-3 Communications:" A bear comes charging at them, and one guy stops to put on his tennis shoes. The other ask what he's doing, and the first guy says," I don't have to beat the bear. I just have to beat you."
THE TASK: Work with the ' do more with less' cliche. "Take on tough projects everyone else avoids," says Subhash Malik, a corporate HR expert. "If you fail, there's little downside risk. But if you're successful, you're going to be a hero".

TIP 6-- Diversify
More skills give you more roles. " Its easier to cut somebody who specializes in only one thing," says Malik. Performing a wider variety of tasks increases your value.
THE TASK: Join teams whose projects affect multiple departments. Exposure to people beyond your work circle will broaden your understanding of the company and boost your visibility

If these job saving strategies are done with little effort and comfort, this will really help
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Personality Judgement with Fooding Behavior

Well this topic is really interesting. There are various tool to judge personality or behavior of an individual like handwriting analysis, body language, facial expression, intonations etc etc but now i am going to put forth the extraordinary tool which is simple and used by everyone in most cases, i.e. judging the personality by the way we take foods.
According to a research done by psychologist Donna Dawson, from the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, Chicago, our dining habits offer insights into our personalities. Use the tables to find out more about yourself and anyone your are linked with.

FIRST EVALUATION--- How you apply your ketchup

Cover the food in swirling lines------------------showy
Dot sauce on the food that needs it ------------Reserved
Splash a neat blob on the side, not even touching the food -Responsible
Whack a big splodge all over the food -------     Ambitious
Down your grub in the stuff  ------------------     Family man
Draw words or shapes on the plate -------------  Easygoing     

SECOND EVALUATION--- Your favourite ice-cream flavour
Chocolate -------------------------------------    Showy
Strawberry ------------------------------------   Reserved
Butterscotch ---------------------------------    Responsible
Choco Chip ------------------------------------   Ambitious
Banana -----------------------------------------   Family man
Vanilla ------------------------------------------  Easygoing

THIRD EVALUATION--- How you drink your soup                      Drink from the bowl ------------------------   Showy
Use a small spoon -------------------------     Reserved
Take half spoonfuls  -------------------------  Responsible
Use a large spoon   --------------------------  Ambitious
Drink from a mug -----------------------------  Family man
Slurp from a mug -----------------------------  Easygoing
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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Personality dating service and tips


As human, being social animals, we are interested in making contacts or want to be active in social life like partying,concerts,seminars etc etc. And there, your eyes visualize a beauty of your dream. Now! here comes the hard part--winning her over on your first outing together Personality development tips and tricks are really helpful in this topic also. To make others interested in you and your behavior is also another achievements which can only be gained by developing personality through the techniques mentioned in this blog.

Some Tips for first time outing:

1) Start somewhere old-- Neel David. A cute VJ,a friend of friend, was his unfortunate first date. He had met the gal in the restaurant he'd never been before." What's good there? she tweeted." Honestly speaking, I don't have a clue," he replied. Her blank and vacant look shows her negative impression. The venue was one aspect he could have controlled, and it was proving to be more of an annoyance than an aphrodisiac (love potion). This means we always are best when we are relaxed and comfortable and as first outing is concerned, confidence also plays vital role. So, in first date, go where you have been there before and known the place clearly.

2) Most girls are like surprises-- First date conversations follow predictable lines like where are you from, what do you do for living, and a lot WH questions which is unlimited, so better try to talk surprise. Charles Orlando, author of The Problem with Women..Is Men, says," Every man who is good with women has a host of stories, questions and jokes that elicit good responses".

3) Extend the encounter-- Keep changing locations which can re-energize her so as her mood and can create a shared sense of adventure. One of my friend, John Smith dates with Yasmin, a journalist. Though his first impression of her was not too favorable, she proved to be edgier than he'd expected." I may look like a vapid girl, but inside I'm smart and overweight", she joked. After a few drinks, he suggested moving to a cool little restaurant. She loved it. The evening ended with a kiss, and they went out another three times.

- Your Battle Plan: Set up locations so things flow from casual and fun to romantic and intimate.

4) Have knowledge when you are bombing-- Been on a date that you thought went great, only never hear from the girl again? John found himself on the other side of this scenario with Lita, whom he met through an online dating site. He wasn't attracted to her much, so he kept smiling and chuckling a lot, just to be polite. After an hour, he said he had to head out. The very next day, Lita emailed him a sweet note. He never wrote back. But he was bothered by his date with Katrina, a photo journalist who seemed really into him only to leave an hour for a work call---at 8 pm. According to psychologist Dr. Vishwa Bandhu, John's experience mirrors what many women go through on unsatisfying dates. " Women smiles a lot to mask negative emotions, he says".

- Your battle plan: To find out if she is truly in you or not, look for signs that actually mean something, her body language, facial expressions. " Touching you, heavy eye contact, and leaning in toward you are actually all positive signs". If she ignores her cell phone, thats a very great sign. If you are receiving or noticing these signals, try touching her hand slightly. If she doesn't pull back, then you have probably won her over.
These are just simple tips based on experience and simple research on girl's psychology. But might not be applicable to everyone at everytime. So, use this at your own risk.
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Auto-suggestion or self-suggestion is that powerful tool which directly effect the sub-conscious or subliminal mind. Auto-suggestion is simple, its the statement  made in the present tense, of the kind or type of human being you want to be. It is like writing the commercial about yourself, for yourself. They influence both mind (conscious as well sub-conscious) that, in turn, influence both the attitude and behavior. Auto-suggestions can be negative as well as positive. It depends on how you choose to be.

Some negative auto-suggestions are:
- I am exhausted or tired.
- I am not an athlete.
- I have a very poor memory power.
- I am weak.
- I am not good at maths.
When you feed your mind with these kind of negative suggestions, especially your sub-conscious mind believes it and starts reflecting it through your behavior. For an instance, when a person who gives himself the auto-suggestion,"I have a very poor memory," is introduced to a new person, he will not make the effort to remember his name because he tells himself," I have a poor memory so there's no point even trying to remember" ( so i was saying in before posts, attitude really makes character and reflects in behavior). Of course, he won't remember his name the next time he meet him, and will again tell himself,"i have a poor memory". Its never ending cycle and a self fulfilling prophecy.
When an individual repeats a belief or deep thinking often enough, it sinks and deepens into his ocean of subliminal mind and become the reality of his life.A lie that is repeated often enough becomes accepted as a truth internally, as someone has said "A lie if repeated 100 times becomes a truth".
So, what necessary steps should be taken to get rid of this irregularity of mind? Simple answer is to make positive statements of affirmations. Any picture you hold in your mind becomes a reality sooner or later.Auto-suggestion is somewhat like self-hypnotism but not concentrated like hypnotism. Its also like Autogenics where suggestions plays part to control your body even your heartbeat and breathing. Auto-suggestions should not be phrased in a negative way. Never say," I am so disorganized, " Instead say," I am well organized person." Our mind is like the positive magnet, it just get quick attraction to negativity, if you don't believe i will give one example. If you tell ," don't think of  vampires," its likely that the image of vampires with long nails and teeth immediately popped into your mind, try this!
So, always think of positive, good, better and apply this in your life. Making positive self-image can boost your rational power. Image streaming is one tool for positive image making which can help you and prepare you for quick decision, problem solving and much more..
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Positive Body Language

                                Positive Body language for positive personality
One great secret of success is by acting like you are already a success. Sending out good and positive body language is like having two voices showering praises on you instead of only one. In addition to this, people are always more likely to remember what they see and few seconds of body movement can be worth an entire interview of words. It is said that action speaks louder than words. But how does one go about getting better body language?
I am going to give some tips so that  one can be able to sell themselves or project positively before others using posture and expression.

1) Stand Straight:
Slouching or hunching gives an impression that you have something to hide. Keep your head up and smile while you are walking. Relax and let your arms hang at your sides. This walk will give people the impression that you have nothing to hide and that you are used to being listened to. Another thing, always make use of your hands while you speak. Making hand motions and gestures increases the chances that people will concentrate on what you are saying. Being animated also helps someone get excited about a project or story that is being described to them. Excitement spreads, if there is someone to spread it.

2) Pay attention:
One of the major aspects of good body language is paying attention to someone and also looking like you are paying attention and not get distracted and lose concentration. Nodding the head and make positive remarks will let someone know that you are interested in what they are saying. Taking notes if appropriate and applicable is also suggested.

3) Speak carefully and slowly
 When someone is nervous or unsure of themselves, they often tend to speak at a rapid pace. Speaking slowly and calmly will give someone a sense of your calm. Speaking at a moderate pace will make you look, feel and act more confident.

4) Make Eye contact
This tip is one which can not be ignored while doing conversation. When you make eye contact with the one whom you are speaking, it shows your confidence level. Because this look is traditionally challenging, it sends the message that you are not afraid to stand up for the goals and will not get intimidated by the person. Try not to meet the eye for too long. Maintain eye contact for as long as you feel is necessary and them look somewhere else, its because if u keep looking for long period without a blink can send negative message it can be mentioned as staring so keep this in mind.
5) Relax your body
Tension  or stress is the thing which spreads like virus from one person to another.When someone is self-conscious or tensed, other people have the same sense of stress. To reduce this, take deep breaths and let yourself relax before an important meeting or date or interview or any challenges which is take your breaths away.

6)Scale the invisible wall
People often keep an invisible sphere or personal space around themselves. Stepping into this space for a minute will help to gain self-confidence. Touching in hand, shoulder or shaking hands with a firm grasp are all signs of confidence and strength and helps to break the wall.

These are some tips which bring positive changes in anyone life.But its not the magical wand which works instantly, it needs time, practice, determination and one important thing attitude for success and change.
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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Some Success Tips

  Some points to remember always to get success in life

1) "Aim High" said the Roof.

2) "Always be cool" said the Fan.

3) "Look the world positively" said the Window.

4) "Value each seconds" said the clock.

5) "Have strong determination and push hard to open up" said the door.

6) "Always be freshful" said the flowers.

7) "Be clam" said the ocean.

8) "Be social" said the elephants.

9) "Be strategic for your goals" said the lions
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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Building Positive Attitude

                                        Steps to Attitude Change 

Step 1:Change Focus; Always Look for Positive
We should always seek for good in people, things,environment and condition instead of what is wrong or negative. Generally, due to particular conditioning or by nature, we are accustomed in finding fault and looking for what is wrong and we often forget to see the positive side or picture. 
Once, Andrew Carnegie (millionaire), was asked how he dealt with people. He simply replied,"Dealing with people is a lot like digging for GOLD:When you go digging for an ounce of gold, you have to move tons of dirt. But when you go digging,you don't go looking for the dirt, you go looking for the gold". His reply got a very important message. Thought sometimes it may not be apparent there is something positive in every person and every situation so far. We also need to dig deeply to look for the positive. Its something known as selection in what we want to perceive or what is our focus, looking for gold or dirt. Even in paradise, fault finders can find faults.

Be an Optimist-- Its not an easy task to be optimist or positive thinker but the following tips can help.
i) Be so strong and determined that nothing can disturb your peace of mind. Talk health, happiness and prosperity to every person you meet, every time. Look at the sunny side of everything. Think only of the best, work only for the best and expect only the best. Forget the mistakes of the past and press on to the greater achievements of the future. Give everyone a smile. Spend time on improving yourself that you have no time left to criticize others. Be too big for worry and too noble for anger. 
Note: Looking for the positive does not necessarily mean overlooking faults.

Step 2: Making Habit of Doing it Now
Another big negative energy which we mostly are familiar is the habit of procrastination. And procrastination leads to negative attitude. Actually, the habit of procrastination fatigues you more than the effort it takes to do it. And if we want to make positive attitude, get into the habit of living in the present and doing it now. Just give 100% is whatever you do, utilizing the present to the fullest. phrase "just do it" what the super famous sports wear production company NIKE believes in is so powerful but also touch to follow, but to build positive attitude, we need to follow this phrase.

Step 3: Developing Attitude of gratitude
Count your blessings not the troubles, because there is not even a single one who does not have any troubles in life but all we need to do is go for blessings and achievements we attain instead of problems. So, whatever be the condition, we should always thankful for positive aspect of life. But counting blessings does not necessarily mean complacency or pride or self-satisfaction. many of our blessings are hidden treasures so we should be able to recognize them and count them.

Step 4: Building Positive Self-Esteem
Self-Esteem is the way we feel about ourselves. So,if we feel good within, our performance goes up and our relationships improve both at home or at work. So to build up self-esteem positively, again all we need to think positively and look greener side of everything.
 (source: Shiv Khera's "You Can Win")

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Public Speaking (Dale Carnegie's special)

                             Ways to Develop Self Confidence in Public Speaking

" A person who can talk effectively before mass or public can obviously talk confidently before a group or a individual "-Dale Carnegie. This saying really worth a lot for the one who wants to be successful to talk confidently. Talking or expressing self to others is that tool gifted to humankind by which he can achieve infinite success in his life. For example, a person is talented, he has many talents but just lack to express himself before others, this means all his talents are of no work or just lie dormant. Therefore, to develop personality, public speaking is the topic or tool which can't be left aside. I have read many books of Dale carnegie which are really motivational and inspires me to write and post here in my blog. I say these books are practical rather theoretical. And, this post is also based on in one of his book, i am just a medium to express his gift and contribution to the society and my experiences too.
Well, there are lots of phobias and fears which become blocks in human success and personality development, and in public speaking also, fear is one major factor which creates hazards. "Fear defeats more people than any other one thing in the world"--Emerson, so if we are able to transform this emotion into something positive, then only success follow us in whatever we do or willing to do. In public speaking, fear of audience is the main reason for self-consciousness.

 Dale Carnegie's quick methods to help overcome stage fright and develop self confidence in few weeks of practice.

1) Get the facts about fear of speaking in public:
 Reasearch and surveys done in colleges indicate that eighty to ninety percent of all students enrolled in speech classes suffer from stage fright at the beginning of the course--- You are not unique in your fear of speaking in public. A certain amount of stage fright is useful. Many people when need to speak for the first time in stage get nervous. It is nature's way for preparing us to meet unusual challenges in our environment. So, when you notice your pulse beating faster and your breathing, don't become alarmed, at this moment, a special kind of hormone ( adrenalin) releases by adrenal gland which activates our para-sympathetic nervous system. This action actually preparing or boosting us to face obstacles or emergencies. Your body, ever alert to external stimuli, is getting ready to go into action. If this physiological preparations are held within limits, your mind will be capable to think and decide faster, talking more fluently and generally speaking with greater intensity than under normal conditions.
Many professional speakers also mentioned that they never completely lose stage fright. Its always present just before they start speaking, and may persist for some sentences of their talk. This actually works as booster. "Be like race horse not a draft horse", race horse also needs to be hit before it starts to run.

2) Preparing yourself properly:
i. Never Memorize a talk word for word--Preparing perfectly doesn't mean to memorize in a parrot fashion. Speaking in public is a creative job. You need keypoints, or keywords of what you are going to present and elaborate these on the basis of your knowledge,experiences,environment which is always hidden in your subliminal memory. The man who writes his talks and memorize it is just wasting his time and energy, and counting disaster. Stress due to fear leads to nervousness generally make you lost your memory ( this is why our mind becomes vacant initially when we are giving exams and looking the question paper at a glance, and when we keep on solving, we gained some relaxation which leads to returning of memory and we solve the queries ). So, in public speaking also one needs to relax himself before speaking, remembering the keywords and describing it. All our lives we have been speaking spontaneously. We haven't been thinking of words. We have been thinking of ideas. If your ideas or knowledge is clear in the particular matter we are gonna speak, the words come as naturally and unconsciously as the air we breathe. If we memorize our talk word by word, we'll probably forget it when we face our listeners, even if we don't our presentation will be robotic or mechanical, we can be seen as our body language express us that we are memorizing something before our listeners. Because, whatever we say at that time wont come from our heart, just come from our memories.

ii) Assemble and arrange your ideas beforehand--- Now, before making any talks either easy or complicated, all you need to do is to search your background for significant experiences you have gained about life and esp. relating to the subject matter you are about to talk, then assemble your thoughts, ideas, your convictions, that have welled up from these experiences. Dr Charles Reynold Brown said " Brood over your topic until it becomes mellow and expansive,then put all these ideas down in writing, just a few words, enough to fix the idea..put them down on scraps of paper-- you'll find it easier to arrange and organize these loose bits when you come to set your material in order." So,recall your ideas with feelings and intensify your vigor and confidence.

iii) Predetermine your mind for success--- Relax and visualize your talking with eyes closed for some time beforehand. Visualize the crowd, the heads and affirm your mind that all them are your followers. Take some deep breaths, the hear the chattering or voices in crowd, see yourself standing in front of them and speaking effectively without hesitation. Step up and hear their applause and finally again visualize your successful speaking. This really works, this technique is just to make your mind ready to accept the condition about to come, and relaxation is very important not only in public speaking in everything we do.

3) Lose yourself in your subject:
After the subject has been selected, arranged it according to plan, and rehearsed it by " talking it out" with your friends, your preparation is not ended here. You must keep practicing and one way to do that is before mirror. Before mirror, you will perceive your body language clearly and vividly, look into your eyes and talk whatever comes in your mind regarding the subject matter. Think in mind that, you are contributing something positive to the society, after your talk or speech, the society will get something optimistic message.

4) Keep you attention off negative stimuli which can upset you:
For example, thinking of yourself making errors of grammar or suddenly coming to an end of your talk is certainly a negative projection which can hamper your self-confidence. Thats why positive visualization and affirmation is important as i described above also. Its especially important to keep your attention off yourself just before your turn to speak. Concentrate on what other speakers are saying, point out important fact from them, note it and if possible merge it differently in your turn.

5) Act Confident:
 Profound psychologist, Professor William James, wrote "Action seems to follow feelings, but really action and feeling go together;and by regulating the action, which is under the control of will, we can indirectly regulate the feeling, which is involuntary indeed." This the sovereign voluntary path to cheerfulness, if our spontaneous cheerfulness be lost, is to sit up cheerfully and to ac and speak as if cheerfulness were already there. Therefore, to feel brave, act as if we were brave, use all our will to that end, and a courage-fit will very likely replace the fit of fear. 

These are just some tips on how one can talk and speak effectively, but only by going through this techniques without applying it on day to day activities is like writing in water, which will fades no matter how genius you are. Apply the above mentioned proved methods whenever you get chance. Keep practicing and keep developing yourself!!!
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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Public relation

                                            Secret in dealing with People
 There is only one way to get anyone to do anything. Did you ever give time to think about this? Either you can make someone want to give his cell phone or rings 

by sticking a revolver in his ribs. You can make your employees give you cooperation-until you turned your back-by threatening to fire them. You can make a child 

to do what you want it to do by whip or a threat. But, these crude methods have sharply undesirable consequences. So, the only way i can get you to do anything is 

by giving you what you want. What you do want? Simple is this....
 John Dewey is on of America's most profound philosopher, he said that " the deepest urge in human nature is the desire to be important". Remember this phrase 

" DESIRE TO BE IMPORTANT". It is significant. Desires of different people vary with the environment of their upbringing, surroundings, family members, 

friends and so on but some major and common things most people want include:
-Money and things money can buy
-Sexual gratification
-Secured future of self and progeny
-A feeling of importance.
All of these desires are usually gratified except one. But there is one yearning desire-almost as deep as urgent, as the desire for food or sleep- which is seldom 

gratified or rarely fulfilled. It is what Sigmund Freud calls " the desire to be great" or it is what Dewey calls " desire to be important". Abraham Lincoln once said 

" Everyone likes compliment." William James also said " The deepest principle in human nature is the urge to be appreciated".
Desire of importance is that human hunger and the rare human who can satisfies this heart hunger honestly will hold people in the palm of his or her hand. "The 

desire to be important or feeling of importance is one of the chief distinguishing differences between mankind and wild animals"
If our ancestors hadn't had this flaming urge for a feeling of importance that led an uneducated, poverty-stricken grocery clerk to study some law books he found 

in the bottom of a barrel of household plunder that he had bought for fifty cents. You have probably heard about this grocery clerk. His name was Lincoln. 
It was this desire for a feeling of importance that inspired Dickens to write his immortal novels. This desire inspired Sir Christopher Wren to design the 

symphonies in stone. When human keep on evolving from stone age to this period, we have been developing ourselves from all aspects from physical to mental 

growth. Mental capabilities are increasing day by day so do inventions and discoveries. Now there is rare place where human hadn't stepped from moon, space to 

ocean, desert to wild etc etc.
This is the particular desire which makes you want to wear the latest styles of sun glasses, clothing, latest cars, and talk about your achievements. Actually, 

feeling of importance can determines the character of an individual.
But giving feeling of importance to others doesn't mean to flatter them worthlessly as OBregon's philosophy said " Don't afraid of the enemy who attack you 

from front, but be afraid with the friends who flatter you" so, a simple person can determine and caught you at the very time you are flattering so this act 

against you and can even decrease your status amongst people so, Give sincere appreciation which is true and you felt that. Try this simple technique, this works!!! 

and as we all know to win others heart is also one method to increase your popularity and developing your personality.Wishing Good Luck!!!
 [source: How to win friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie]
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Success Journey!!!

                                                              FAILURE IS THE PILLAR OF SUCCESS

Failure is the highway to success. Tom Watson Sr. said, " If you want to succeed, double your failure rate".
If we go through great histories of world, we can find that all success stories are also stories of great failures. But people don't see failures. This is the nature of human being. We just see one side of a picture and determine someone is lucky and say" He must have been at the right place at right time". But, we wont see his previous attempts, labor or hard work to get that success.
 I wanna share some history here. This was a man who failed in business at the age of 21; was defeated in a legislative race at age 22; failed again in business at age 24; overcome death of his sweetheart at age26; had a nervous breakdown at age 27; lost a congressional race at age 34; lost a senatorial race at age 45; failed in an effort to become vice-president at age 47; lost a senatorial race at age 49; and was elected as a president of United States at age 52. This man was non other than the great Abraham Lincoln. Now, can we call him a failure? He could have quit. But to Lincoln, defeat was a detour and not a dead end.
In 1913, Lee De Forest, inventor of the triodes tube, was charged by the district attorney for using fraudulent means to mislead the public into buying stocks of his company by claiming that he could transmit the human voice across the Atlantic. He was publicly humiliated. Now we can't imagine where would we be at this moment without his invention.
A New York Times editorial on December 10, 1903, questioned the wisdom of the Wright Brothers who were trying to invent a machine, heavier than air, that would fly. One week later, Kitty hawk, the Wright Brothers took their famous flight.
As a young cartoonist, Walt Disney faced many rejections from newspaper editors, who said he had no talent. One day a minister at a church hired him to draw some cartoons. Disney was working out of a small mouse after seeing a mouse in real, he was inspired. That was the start of Mickey Mouse.
So from all these instances, we can determine, that every successful stories do have stories of failure too as well as hard work. So its been said " Winners don't do different things, they do things differently"
( to be contd)
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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Permanent Memory in brief!!

                                              LONG TERM MEMORY
While talking about memory once again, i wanna mention about long term memory or permanent memory ( semantic memory- relating to meaning in language or logic or store of general world knowledge).
                                               Recognition and Recall
There are mainly two ways we access our memory: recognition and recall.
Recognition is the type of memory retrieval when we are provided the information in memory (example: options are given). All we need to do is the double check that we've seen it before. It mainly includes: familiar feeling, matching, multiple choice,Objective Question and answer, true/false or recognizing someone you know by his/her face.
Recall is the type when you have to retrieve information from your memory bank by self, no options are given. For instance, recognizing a person you already know is recognition and getting name from your memory bank is recall i.e.getting info. regarding certain time period like where you were when Saddam Hussein was hanged , fill in the blanks in exams etc.

Recognition involves a process of comparison of information with memory and recall involves a search of memory self the the comparison process when something is found.

                                              SOME FACTS OF LONG TERM MEMORY
When we fail to retrieve information from our brain, we know that condition as retrieval failure or commonly we are forgetting. One common type of this failure is Tip-of-tongue phenomena i.e. you know the meaning of word, or the answer of query, but you can't retrieve what it is. You know the person's face, his work, his home even his telephone number but not the name. Simply, every details are in the tip of tongue but not the important part  by which we are attached to someone or something. This is because of not registering the data properly in the brain or encoding it well. So, to get rid of this condition, all we need to do is concentrate on the thing or person fully like when you meet someone for the first time, get his name clearly, talk to him saying his name with tone, search if his name got any meaning, search if his name is familier with the one whom you know well and associate him with the one you know, see his name in his forhead writing in colorful letters and feel it. Now, if you encode something with this small effort, its rare that you forget the next time you meet him.This is just a simple step to encode something in long term memory.

                                                    WHY DO WE FORGET?
There are various reasons by which we forget some are:
1) Fading of the contents or date over time ( trace decay)
2) Data Interference ( old information being overlayed by new)
3) Lack of retrieval cues (absence of codes or keys to retrieve information)
4) Dilution of information while registering.
5) Disinterest regarding that topic or subject matter.
6) Lack of concentration while registering.
7) Mental Stress, anxiety.
8) Lack of repetition.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Map your mind!

                        MIND MAPPING (Accelerate your learning)

Well so far we have been discussing about memory, mind etc etc. Many research has also been done in these areas or subjects. As, we all know and i am again repeating that, the one and only thing which separates us from animals and maintain our position in top is our BRAIN or MIND. If the body would have been powerful then we would be somewhat captive to BLUE WHALE or ELEPHANT but we are lucky to get this organ which is not replaceable hitherto.

Now coming to the actual point, in this post i am gonna discuss about accelerated learning techniques. So, what does accelerated learning means? Simply, as the title suggests, it means to accelerate the learning capabilities or capacity. It means to study the content given to us in short duration effectively and efficiently with higher retention percentage. This 21st era is the era of technology, science and competence too. People are really very busy in their busy life style. Successful people also does have everything from money, name, fame but the thing which lacks in most people is TIME. We actually don't have adequate time to accomplish certain job not even study. So, for students, accelerated learning method can really help as far as my experience concerned. It shortens the time to study and imprint the date in subconscious if registered with full concentration.

There are various methods of accelerated learning, but one of them is MIND MAPPING. As the name suggests MIND MAP is a diagram used to represent words, ideas, tasks, or any other items linked to and arranged radially around a central key word or idea or host. It is used to generate, visualize, stucture and classify ideas, and is indeed an aid for study, organization, projects, planning, problem solving, decision making and much much more which are parts of personality development.

Specifically, its an image centered diagram that represents semantic or other connections between portions of information. By presenting this connection in a radial, non-linear graphical manner. It encourages a brain storming approach to any organizational task, eliminating the hurdle of initially establishing on intrinsically appropriate or relevant conceptual framework to work within. All elements in mind map are arranged intuitively according to the importance of the concepts and they are organized into groupings, branches, areas or sub-groupings.


Mind maps (similar concepts traditionally) have been used for centuries, for brainstorming, speed learning, memory improving, visual thinking, problem solving, decision making etc by engineers, teachers, psychologists, students and generally by common people too either knowingly or unknowingly. Earliest examples of mind maps were developed by Porphyry of Tyros, a noted thinker of the 3rd century as he graphically visualized the concept categories of Aristotle. Ramon Llull also used these structures of the mind map form. Although, the claim to the origin of mind mapping has been made by a British Popular psychologist author, Mr. TONY BUZAN ( Author of USE YOUR HEAD). He uses popular assumptions about the cerebral hemispheres in order to promote the exclusive use of mind mapping over other forms of note making.

The mind maps continues to be used in various forms, and for various applications including learning and education ( often taught as webbing), planning and in engineering diagramming. Mind maps can be drawn by hand, either as "rough note taking" for example in a lecture or meeting or seminar or conference or can be more sophisticated in quality.

Tony Buzan's Mind map Guidelines

1. Start in the center with an image of the topic, using at least 3 colours.

2. Use images, symbols, codes, and dimensions throughout your Mind mp.

3. Select key words and print using upper or lower case letters.

4. Each word/image must be alone and sitting on its own base line.

5. The lines must be connected, starting from the central image. The central lines are thicker, organic and flowing, becoming thinner as they radiate out from the centre.

6. Make the lines the same length as the word/image.

7. Use colours-your own code-throughout the Mind Map.

8. Develop your own personal style of Mind Mapping.

9. Use emphasis and show associations in your Mind Map.

10. Keep the Mind Map clear by using radial hierarchy, numerical order or outlines to embrace your branches

Research on Mind maps in Learning

Tony Buzan claims that the mind map is a vastly superior note taking method because it doesn't lead to the alleged "semi hypnotic trance" state induced by the other note forms. He also claims that the mind map utilizes the full range of left and right human cortical skills, balances the brain, taps into the alleged 99% of your unused mental potential, as well as intuition ( something he called superlogic).

Software for mind mapping

There are various free or sharewares in the web for mind mapping in PC, one of which is simple and free i have attached here.

Please click here
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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Role of Music For Supermemory!

                                              Music For Supermemory
As we all are familiar with the term “music” and know how
much role it plays in our day to day life. There are various
types of music. And our choices also vary accordingly. Music
entertains us, this fact we all are known to. But recent
studies have shown that apart from entertaining us, music
can even enhances our potential. Special kinds of music make
us relaxed resulting maximum accomplishment. It relaxes our
brain and body, increases our memory as well retention
power. It synchronizes both hemispheres of our brain,
creates a neural pathway. This special kind of music not only
coordinates our brain and body but, it has been proved that
it’s also helpful to maintain our vitality and health.
From ancient times till now, we have been focusing only in
brain which is the only part for memory, learning, studying
and we keep on ignoring body. Brain is our foremost and
major part but, to obtain maximum result out body also must
be in a relaxed state which this kind of music makes.
For optimal accomplishment of whatever we do, we should
maintain this super state of “alert mind and relaxed body”
also termed as alert relaxation.
Now the music which i am talking about is known as
“BAROQUE MUSIC” . This music was within us from years
and we were not being able to know its potential in developing
ourselves, in short, developing our personality. This special
type of music is especially materialized with 50-60 beats per
minute. Ancient musicians like Mozart, Bach, Vivaldi,
Telemann, Beethoven, Brahms etc were the one to create
this special music. This music makes one smarter, speed
learning, expand memory retention power, relieve stress,
help concentration and visualization and open inner
awareness. Researchers found it’s the slow tempo section in
Baroque concertos—the largo or andante movement with a
restful tempo of about 60 beats a minute—that brings the
amped-up learning effect. Baroque composers frequently
scored this slow, soothing, serene music for string
instruments, the violin, mandolin, guitar and harpsichord,
which produce sounds rich in natural high-frequency
harmonics. Today these high-frequency sounds are known to
literally, physically, impart energy to the brain and body. The
largo movement is so powerful that as it’s started to be
played, your blood pressure relaxes and lowers and your
heartbeat slows to healthy rhythm. Stress factors in your
blood drop, probably enhancing your immune system. At the
same time EEG ( Electro encephalogram) monitors reveal
that your brain waves are changing. Your fast, beta waves
eventually decrease by 6 percent and the alpha waves of
relaxation increase by an average of 6 percent. Right and
left hemispheres of brain become synchronized. Physiological
research  shows that in a calm state your body functions
more efficiently on less energy, which makes more energy
available to your brain. The effects of slow Baroque music
match many of the physical benefits of mantra or
meditation, except that unlike chanting mantras or doing
relaxation routines, you don’t have to do anything. The music
does for you. Interestingly, studies at the Menninger
Foundation in Kansas found that synchronizing the
hemispheres of the brain (which Baroque can do in minutes)
is at the physical heart of Zen Medication. This
synchronization makes your brain’s activities coherent, laser
like, and highly productive.So its recommended to listen to this
music before starting any new job which you are nervous to.
Or just listen for 10-15 minutes before heading towards your
studying material, After listening, just take some deep breath
and with being confident go for your material. It has also
been proved that, along with Baroque if one try positive affirmation,
or auto-suggestion, it becomes more effective to get rid of addictions
like smoking, drug, alcohol or any. So better search for this music
and try it. (to be contd)

Some baroque concertos which is 60 beats a minute is given below

- From Vivaldi

Largo from "Winter" from The Four Seasons - download
Largo from Concerto in D major for Guitar and Strings

- From J.S. Bach

Largo from harpsichord concerto in F minor, BWV 1056 - download
Air for the G String- download

-From Telemann

Largo from Double Fantasia in G major for Harpsichord

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Make your Life a Projectile!!!

           Projecting yourself to the world
At 7.30 am, Jack Conrad rose from a sound sleep and prepared himself for the day. During the course of dressing, he convinced his wife to see a certain movie in the evening and spoke sharply to his son for his low grades in exams.
At 9.00 am he arrived at his job as a manager in a small manufacturing company, comfortably settling into the day’s routine. Before lunch, he has made various important decision regarding sales.
Mr. Conrad’s lunch hour was spent pleasantly with two co-workers in the company cafeteria. The conversation ranged from weather to cricket upto upcoming local election.
On the way to home, he stopped at the dry cleaners, only to find out that a pair of trousers was missing.
Home once again, Mr. Conrad relaxed before dinner by having a bout with his son on the electronic video game console. Dinner was the usual round of family conversation, and eventually Mr. Conrad enjoyed the movie he has convinced his wife to see that morning.
Mr. Conrad’s day sounds pleasant, if not routine. Perhaps you think it wasn’t very dynamic at all. But in point of fact, that’s not true, for throughout the course of day. Actually, Mr. Conrad was actively energetic and involved in selling himself. How? By projecting himself in his world. Let’s briefly review his day and observe Mr. Conrad, the salesman.
-Convinced Wife re: movies-------------------Sales
-Urged son to get better marks in exam---------Sales
-Put forth his views at lunch very strongly-------Sales
-Haggled with dry cleaner--------------------Sales
-Convinced son to play electronic video game-----Sales
-Presided at family dinner table; gave advice----Sales
As like Mr. Conrad we too are selling ourselves throughout the course of every day, which means we are projecting ourselves in our environment from moment to moment. As we see from Mr. Conrad’s example, the ability to project oneself to the world doesn’t belong exclusively to a professional salesperson.

Selling Yourself
Selling yourself on a daily basis in areas like interpersonal relationships and at work really means you are able to project, yourself successfully, you’ve got a good deal of positive energy that helps you to go after and get what you need and want. Conversely, if your self-esteem is low, you won’t be able to get what you want.---or simply you won’t make the sale.
One of the most profound ways in which we are involved in personal sales is in establishing interpersonal relationships, especially in love. Meeting someone and making contact is nothing but a salesmanship. Here are two approaches:
Chris Cena is a shy middle-aged man who’s already been married and divorced. Over the years he’s fallen into a routine which includes plenty of reading, jogging to be fit, and chess one night a week with an older male friend. Occasionally he will date someone, but generally these are established friends. He’s had one or two short affairs since his divorce, but he hasn’t been sexually active in over an year.
Recently, a friend convinced him to attend a party at the home of someone he didn’t know. He was reluctant to go, spent most of his time in a corner, and left early.
At one point of evening, Mr Cena was introduced to a young woman whom he found attractive. He would have liked to pursue her, but he was at a loss for conversation, and eventually her attention was drawn to another group of people.
John Regal was at the same party. He too is a divorced man in early forties. Mr. Regal has always been outgoing, and after the trauma of his divorce passed, he resumed an active social life that includes many friends and casual and serious dating.
John Regal was also introduced with the same gal, and he too, was captivated by her. He engaged her attention by drawing her out in conversation. He displayed a genuine interest in her aside from the possibility of sexual relationship, and as a result, she consented to go out with him.
Obviously, John regal was successful while Chris cena was not, for the simple reason that John effectively sold his personality to the young lady. Feeling self-confident and being able to put yourself across, no matter what the situation, are important ingredients for successfully projecting yourself to the world. So, is determination, or else, you will give up before you reach your goal.
So to improve these aspects or tool which can alter life in positive way, personality development topics are in need as like i have described before. By changing handwriting, you can change your personality. Body language is also an important tool which can’t be left... ( to be contd) 
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