Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Hindrances in Personality Development

              Mental ailments blocking Personality development

We have talked about personality development in many aspects in previous posts. Now i am gonna discuss about the mental maladies which becomes bar for developing overall personality of an individual.
    We can say  21st era is the era of technology and science .The discoveries,inventions are rapidly increasing day by day. Almost all part of our body can be replaced or transplanted ( in medical terms) except the only one part which can't be replaced "OUR BRAIN" and no science and technology hitherto is able to discover to complete this process. Our kidney can be transplant, even heart transplantation is successful so the ailments effecting these organs can be removed by new transplantation. But in the case of BRAIN, if its attacked by any ailment, it can be cured not removed till the last breath. The more powerful our brain is , its even more delicate. If our body is ill or say if our body becomes handicapped, we can even survive cz our memory is still alive but if our brain is ruptured or damaged by any accidental incidents or if we forget everything not even remember self, then at that moment what will be the meaning of life and living for us? We can walk, eat and complete our daily activities but forgot who we are, our identity and everything... I am talking all these only to show  how much delicate our brain is and more important than our body.
As Personality development comes from both brain and body but i say brain has bigger percentage to make it happen as our body is totally controlled by brain.


Amnesia-- termed as a partial or total loss of memory. Fresh fruits,protein diets like salmon fish, foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acid is needed to cure. Apart from this stress reducers, meditation, particular yoga can be plus point.

Paralysis is one kind of disease which affects our body but in reality its the error in nervous system especially spinal cord which is directly related to our brain. And psychotherapy with physiotherapy is needed to cure this.

Epilepsy is also seems to be physical but its neurological or mental disorder and can happen anytime anywhere.

Attention Deficit disorder (ADD)-This is not so serious illness but it happens mostly in growing children. its marked by loss of concentration, restless. Kids go far from books. And apart from allopathy medications, meditation, autogenics, yoga will be helpful.

Addiction-- Its common and effecting almost all in some aspects or in any form. We know the thing which we are doing is not good for us, instead we do that repeatedly, this is what we call addiction. Addiction can be simpler to chronic for example: if a person is addicted to nail biting, it can effect his personality but not health seriously, but if another one is addicted to smoking,drinking or taking drugs as a whole, its more serious and chronic which not only degrades his personality but also life. And the way to cure this is done according to the concentration and type. If addiction is just in beginning stage, simple techniques like auto-suggestion, positive affirmation, hypnotherapy can reduce or remove but if its more then there is no way to reduce than sending the victim to rehabilitation centers..

Autism--- This is also a condition or disorder of brain where one is not able to communicate with others esp. using language or learning it as well as abstract concepts. Its also mostly common in growing kids. Special psychotherapy and psychologist are needed to cure this disease.

Mass Phobia-- There are many phobias which directly or indirectly effecting us but the most which effects personality development or growth is mass phobia. A person is very talent in his field, he has ocean of knowledge but unfortunately he is not able to express this to public, then whats the importance of he being knowledgeble? This can happen to anyone. When come in front of mass, nervous system stops to work, not a single word comes out of mouth because mind is totally vacant and negative impression will be messaged to public about you. So to cure this join public speaking courses,prepare what you are gonna say before mirror, meditation, clam music relaxing mind,stress reducing techniques are needed. Study books from Dale Carnegie in public speaking. I'll be posting about this specific subject sooner.

Depression--is a serious medical condition that affects thoughts, feelings, and the ability to function in everyday life. Depression can occur at any age and is distinct from the mood changes that may be associated with stress or grief. Now this is more serious which needs total allopathic help with respect to psychological. If its not cured in time, it can cause serious results. A person suffering from depression can leads to suicidal tendencies so a psychiatrist consult is a must. After controlled, one can use soothing music from Mozart, Bach for relaxing brain.

Bipolar Disorder (BPAD)-- Its more chronic than depression. In this state of mind, the patient experiences various episodes of depression and mania. Mania, a condition marked by periods of excitement ( euphoric state), delusions and over-activity. We can say mania is the opposite of depression. Allopathic medication is the only remedy.

Apart from these ailments, there are lots and loads of mental maladies for which our society is still not being able to be positive 100%.Person affecting from the above mentioned maladies needs more care, love and help to come out. They are totally different from normal human being when attacked by these ailments but after being cured totally, they become normal to work and enjoy daily life.
All these brain related diseases hamper the personality development of an individual as being related to mind.
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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Brain games in Mobile phone

Guys, its so fortunate that our technology has been a boon indeed. Now, we all are busy in our own world. The concentration of our busyness is so much that we just forget to eat, and sleep well due to which various maladies like sleeplessness,memory loss, stress, strain and most chronic mental maladies like depression, bipolar disorder may attack us but due to mobile technology now we can sharpen our brain at any leisure time. While working too, we can train our brain for facing daily challenges put forth in front of us. right now i just have 2 brain games supportive to Symbian 60v5 phones like Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic and N97 might be much more and in coming future i will upload these games for other mobile phones too. I have personally tried myself and really its working. Now its ya turn to check and maintain the balance of ya brain. The games here can increase your cognitive ability , visual ability, releasing stress and increasing memory....One is Brain challenge 3 and another is Brain Tester2.
I'll keep searching and uploading these kinds of games which are not only entertaining but also productive....
The link for the games
Brain Challenge Click here
For brain tester Click Here
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Mathematics for Personality Development

Just imagine being able to multiply larger lumbers in your head--faster than you could tap the numbers in calculator.How would people near you react if you could calculate square roots--and even cube roots mentally without any electro
nic support? You'll gain the reputation of being extremely intelligent.
People equate mathematical ability with intelligence. If you are able to do multiplication, division, squaring and square roots in your head in less time than your friends, they will be forced to believe you have a superior intellect which unknowingly increase your personality and self confidence too.
Engineers familiar with these kinds of strategies gain a reputation for being geniuses because they can give almost instant answers to square
root problems. Finding the length of a hypotenuse is child's play using methods which will be described later..

Mathematical Mind
Is it true that some people are born with a mathematical mind? Do some people have an advantage over others? And, conversely, are some people at a disadvantage when they have to solve mathematical problems?
The difference between high achievers and low achievers is not the brain they were born with but how they learn to use it.High achievers use better strategies than low achievers.The methods are easier than those we've learnt in the past so you'll solve problems more quickly and make fewer mistakes.
"The easier the method we use to

solve a problem, the faster we'll solve it with less chance of making a mistake". People who use better methods are faster at getting the answer and make fewer errors, while those who use poor methods are slower at getting the answer and make more mistakes. It doesn't make much to do with intelligence or having a 'mathematical brain'.

Multiplication: Part I
How would you like to master your tables upto the 10 times table in less than 10 minutes? And your tables upto the 20 times table in less than half an hour? I only assume you know the 2 times tables reasonably well, and that you can add and subtract simple numbers.

Multiplying Numbers upto TEN

We'll begin by learning how to multiply numbers upto 10x10. This is how it works:
We'll take 7x8 as an instance.
Write 7X8= on a piece of paper and draw a circle below each number to be multiplied

0 0

Now go to the first number to be multiplied i.e. 7. How many more do you need to make 10? The answer is 3. Write 3 in the circle below the 7. Now go to the 8. What do we write in the circle below the 8? How many more to make 10? The answer is 2. Write 2 in the circle below the 8. Your work should look like this.

3 2
Now subtract diagonally. Take either one of the circled numbers (3 or2) away from the number, not directly above, but diagonally above or crossways. In other words, you either take 3 from 8 or 2 from 7. Subtract only one time, so choose the subtraction you find easier. Either way, the answer is the same 5. This is the first digit of your answer.
8-3=5 or 7-2=5
Now multiply the numbers in the circles. Three times 2 is 6. This is the last digit of your answer. The answer is 56. This is how the completed problem looks.

3 2
If you know the 2 times table reasonably well,you can easily master the tables up to the 10 times table, and beyond.Let's try another example,
2 1
How many more to make 10? The answer is 2 and 1. We write 2 and 1 below the numbers. What do we do now? We subtract diagonally.
8-1=7 or 9-2=7
Seven is the first digit of the answer.Write it down. Now multiply the two number below.

Two is the last digit of the answer. Hence, the answer is 72..

Isn't it easy? This is just a simple example to prove how math can be so much easy and fun, but to make mental calculations, one needs more practice, practice and practice..

Try some more given below.

1) 9X9 2)8X9 3)8X8 4)5X9 5)7X9 6)8X7

Copy in a piece of paper and keep practicing, advanced methods will be described in later posts...Math Help
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