Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Handwriting Expert

I have already mentioned the power of handwriting in my earlier articles relating to handwriting. We can say that "handwriting" simply is Brainwriting. With handwriting behavior analysis, we can be handwriting expert ourselves. We don't need to hire any other handwriting expert. 
Most of the techniques of analysis are already described in this blog. Power of handwriting analysis is unlimited. Apart from developing personality positively, recent studies have shown that handwriting analysis can be used for terminating mental maladies.
Many psychologists and handwriting experts have pointed out the consistent relationship between the mind and the body. None of them, however, has attempted to discover the actual bridge between the two. We can be sure that our body and mind are not two but they are one. If one stops to work, another will definitely stop. A team of various psychologists and handwriting expert analyzed the handwriting sample of patient from their childhood and a similarity has been found in most schizophrenic and bipolar patients in slants and strokes of their handwriting samples. Graphic rigidity, therefore, is a symbol of the writer's lack of impressionability, showing him to be insensible to all the variety and rich experiences of the outward world. Just as the mind of the psychotic has no participation in all the fertile influences of this world, his handwriting reflects a similar rigidity and impoverishment of forms. They observe childish letter formation in the handwriting of the educated adult psychotic, which reverts to the archaic forms of a remote state of civilization proving that handwriting changes with a person's mental state. This can be genetic but these vast similarities can't co-incidental. So, it can be said that handwriting analysis can help to know and analyze these kind of mental illness beforehand and treat accordingly before it happens.
Apart from this, its proved that we can change our thinking pattern, attitude and our lives as a whole by changing our handwriting.
The treatment of personality and character flaws through deliberately made changes in the handwriting, offers a completely new field for the graphologist and subject alike. The technique requires the subject to copy a handwriting exercise at least twice a day, morning and night, consciously modifying his script according to instructions supplied by a competent graphologist or a handwriting expert.
Graphotherapists have won the support of doctors, teachers and psychologists for success in clearing up mental disturbances in children by changing their handwriting.
Graphologists have found that many of children's 'inner problems' showed up clearly in their writing. The introverts had difficulty connecting their letters; the fearful tended to squeeze all theirs together. Gradually, graphotherapists concocted a set of corrective exercises designed to give children a sense of continuity, invention and equilibrium. They theorized that in overcoming a defect in any one of these elements, a child must first develop a feeling for rhythm, melody and harmony.

So, it will be worthwhile to better understand self with the help of handwriting analysis tool yourself or by handwriting expert

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Be Responsible; But Don't Purchase Trouble

Be Responsible; But Don't Purchase Trouble
Being responsible or handling responsibility is one important part of personality development. Its not easy as it seems to be responsible. If we believe in supernatural or God and when we chant his names, it doesn't mean that we should become lazy and give up all our responsibilities to him. Thinking that things are in God's hand is just the stupidity. Either there is something in our destiny, we are the one to make it, its not like it will complete automatically. Labor and hard-work is the key-point here.
The ideal approach to work is; be balanced; be responsible but do not purchase trouble either. Sometimes, one tends to think, " I am getting this much salary, but he is also getting the same amount. But he is doing very little work and is mostly escaping from his work. So why should i work so hard? Let me also escape." But by escaping from one's responsibilities, one gets a feeling of guilt, which increases one's anxieties manifold. There will not be anything known as peace of mind or internal peace within him. The safest and the best course of action is to accomplish your job honestly and responsibly which surely increase your self-esteem and confidence level.

While doing our duties responsibly, we should be intelligent enough not to add on to our responsibilities by taking additional loads due to our egoistic initiative; otherwise we are simply purchasing trouble- a negative personality trait indeed. Such an egoistic person thinks, "He is doing so much work, i must show the world that i am much better and greater then him." There is a vast difference between EGO and CONFIDENCE. If you think you can do the given work-this is confidence but if you think you ONLY can do the given task- this is EGO. So, all we need to do is extract EGO from Confidence and we will succeed. An egoistic person takes on so much load on oneself that one has no time for self, family even no time for basic activities of life. This negative busy schedule not only destroys him but also people and surroundings near him. How can such a person who, in order to satisfy his inflated ego, is caught up in unending materialistic activities, ever attain peace of mind?
So one should do one's job properly and, at the same time, set aside sufficient time for cultivating one's inward life by chanting, meditating, reading books, practicing yoga.
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