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Disc Personality Profile TesT

Disc Personality Test

Disc personality system is the language of behavior and character. Behavioral characteristics is classified and grouped together in four main divisions called personality divisions. And People are divided in these main personality profile. People with similar personality profile are grouped in one group. Specifically, DISC, terminology stands for four personality style.

D- Drive
General Characteristics of people fall in this category:
  People who fall here are direct, straight forward, decisive, high Ego Strength, problem solver, risk Taker, self starter. Instead of all these, they have weakness also. They oversteps authority. They have argumentative and egoistic attitude which is not digestible to most of the people. They don't want to be bound in routine and discipline, want to make their own routine and they love freedom. And they attempt every  work more than their capacity at once. People who are under this category tends and motivated to take new challenges and risks.

I- Influence
General Characteristics:
People who are under this section are enthusiastic, talkative, impulsive and emotional. They can encourage others to obtain their goal, a kind of motivator. They have a positive sense of humor and a kind of peace maker or negotiator.
Their weakness are they are more concerned with popularity and inattentive to details. They overuses body language or gestures which makes them funny sometime. They fear of being rejected for something or by someone. They are motivated by flattery, popularity. They have a craze of self importance. They want to be free from many rules and regulations which tend to capture their freedom.

S- Steadiness
General Characteristics:
 Firstly, people under this segment are a good listener so they are a good team player. They are possessive but friendly. They are a loyal team worker, reliable and dependable. Their foremost weakness is that they can't resist change, very sensitive to criticism. They have a fear of  loss of security. They are inspired or motivated by loyalty, safety and security. They do not accept sudden changes in lifestyle and routine and they takes a lot time to be adjusted in new environment.

General Characteristics:
People fall under this category believes in accuracy. They are analytical and careful. They tries to find exact facts and they are very systematic. Their weakness are that, they need clear cut boundaries or limitations for every work even in relationships. They are bound by procedures and methods. They fear with critics and are motivated by high quality standards, limited social interactions and tasks with details.

These are some of the characteristics of people who falls under these four categories. Find which personality type you are by these Disc personality Test.
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