Monday, November 29, 2010

Questions and Expressions to detect Lie

Lies Detecting Tips
In my previous articles also, i have talked a lot about body language. This post is also similar or related to body language but not as a whole. I am going to display some tips which help us to distinguish if a person is lying or telling the truth.

1) Pattern of Speaking:
If a person is lying his/her voice intonation changes frequently. To be more sure, experts say that paying attention to  a person's  speech rate and breathing pattern--if the pattern is either fast or slow or fluctuating, the person is not telling whole truth.

2) Contents of his/her sayings:
Liars usually tend to avoid or ignore words or phrases like "but", "nor", "except" because if he/she is lying, he/she will have hard time deciding what to say and what not to. Liars are less likely to use terms like "I", "Me", "mine" etc etc.

3) Unsatable bodily movements:
Liars have hard time deciding what to say and what not to so this confusion is reflected by his/her body language. Red ears, vibrating sound, trying to start conversation which is entirely different from the main topic etc etc.

4) Smile:
 Smile is that powerful tool only given to human kind by the God that we can use it for positive purposes. We can impress other people with our smile ability. In case of liars,  sometimes smile can mask a person's true feelings. If a person is lying, he/she tries to fake his/her smile but frustration and fear can be clearly seen in his/her face.

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