Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Power of Prayer

Now I am going to discuss in another topic which is bit related to spiritualism but not spiritualism as a whole, so I put this topic as different one. In our day to day life, there might not be a single person out of this world who does not pray no matter his/her kind and host of “praying to” can be different. For some it can be GOD, for some it can be their INTUITION or PSYCHIC, and for some it can be SELF RESPECT or SELF CONFIDENCE, I mean the medium for whom or what we “pray to” and “pray for” can be different.
Majority of people only pray when they are in trouble, as like being stuck in exam or presentation etc (these examples were based according to me as being a student)
Here i am gonna put forth one devastating example of power of prayer if done from heart. Pratikshya Joshi, an entrepeneur engineer based in Dehli, but just one month before her 3rd-yr engineering exams, her mother was diagnosed with lung cancer. Much of her time was spent in accompanying her for radiation and other treatment, and she was left with only 10 days to study by the time the treatment was accomplished. She recalls: “My mom remarked that cz of her I would miss a year. I assured her that it would not be so and prayed to God fervently to allow me to pass so that my mom would not feel guilt on my account. I studied hard for the time class with distinction! I’d managed to excel against all odds.”
This is just one incident which somehow describes the power of prayer, there are lots of topic to be discussed. Now furthering the topic lets being from---
What is Prayer?
Prayer has been verily described.’ Communication with God via single-minded devotion’. It is the most ancient as well as the simplest expressions of religion. It is also universal, we can’t think of culture or society where prayer doesn’t exist. ‘The words of sages, sheers and prophets are prayers’. ‘Prayer is an act of Thanks-giving, a feeling of surrender- that there is a power beyond me’.’ It is a confirmation of your faith in a divine power’.’ Spiritual connection with something higher’.
Prayer is different from meditation, which progressively quietens the mind.
Muslims pray to ALLAH, the transcendent God, HINDUS pray to BHAGWAN, and CHRISTIAN pray to Jesus, or to Mother Mary, BUDDHIST pray to BHAGWAN GAUTAMA BUDDHA, as I have explained earlier, the medium or host for whom we pray for or to is different but the resultant we will achieve or the objective of our pray to all of them are peace of mind, prosperity, wealth, health normally.
Why should one pray?
Distress, despair and ill-health can strike and paralyze anyone. More, if friends, family, counselors and not even doctors are unable to help, who do your turn to? This is the opening to prayer providence you. Prayer is depending on God for help in distress and grief. It gives an opportunity to God to comfort the devotee. Prayer lightens the heaviness of your heart by opening it to god. Prayer is expecting God to decide what is best for you when you are in dilemma.
“The first rule in prayer is to approach God only with legitimate desires. The second is to pray for their fulfillment, not as a beggar, but as a son” –(Paramhansa Yogananda)
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Monday, June 25, 2007

Body Language (Part I)

Well, All of us might be known with this terminology, "BODY LANGUAGE". And most of us also haven't give a damn about how important this language for us which we must know.As, Topic suggest, Body language is simply the language of Body, a part of non-verbal communication. There are various ways of communication , foremost is speaking, talking, writing. All of these belongs to verbal communication. "Gesturing" can also be termed as body language which is absolutely non-verbal means. What we are trying to deliver to the one whom we are communicating through verbal means might not be exactly similar to the one which we are delivering from our non-verbal means i.e. BODY. Now, we can determine the importance and power of our language continuously delivering the exactness.All of us, at some time, have seen someone talking on the phone without hearing one word of what is being said. All we can see is a constant stream of different gestures like smiles,frowns,raised eyebrows,nodes,shakes etc etc. We may wonder at the use of such gestures as the listener on the other end cant see the gestures. The easiest reason to explain it is that we would have to concentrate real hard to not gesture. Expressions and gestures are so intermingled with our words,that it would be a tough task to try and separate the words and the gestures. Through the range of facial expressions and gesticulations, we can get clues on what is being communicated on the phone, even though we can't hear the words being spoken.There are times, when one not knowing the other too well and after a phone conversation on a delicate subject with them, have felt an indefinable impression of unease and wonder what was being said between the lines. This shows that we are quite dependent on reading a person's face and body language to grasp what is actually being said.We all know there is one popular quote "FIRST IMPRESSION IS THE LAST ONE", and this quotation has also something to do with body language. When we meet to someone first time, initially with looking his/her looks, external beautiful, we will also be perceiving his/her body language simultaneously knowingly or unknowingly and out mind will decide if that person is good or bad regarding this impulse delivered to the brain by the means of eyes.That particular feeling or perception regarding that particular person is our "GUT FEELING".When it comes to first impressions and that gut feeling, we perceived about someone, most of us seem a little hesitant to follow our instincts when it results negative. Maybe its human nature to want to give the person the benefit of doubt, to believe in the good in people, even if we do not see it. Studies have shown that quite often that "gut feeling" is our subliminal or subconscious mind making a decision about trusting someone on the basis of the non-verbal cues we are picking up. On a conscious level, we might like what we see or what we hear but on the deeper level, we are aware that the person's apparent physical and verbal message contradicts what his/her body language is saying.


When one expresses his/her feelings, it has been said that.
  • 55% of the communication consists of body language.
  • 38% is expressed via the tone of voice or intonation and amazingly only
  • 7% is communicated via words.
This means that we express most of our feeling ( 93%) in a non-verbal way and our words only convey 7% of what we are saying or expressing.

Comparatively speaking, why is the role of body language so large?
First of all, we need to realize that we don't keep talking constantly. But we do give our incessant signals via our body language, when in some person's company. It is also helpful to look a the various levels on which we communicate. Most of the time, we communicate with each other on the content level and relational level.
at the same time.We put across the content of the message through words and relation through our body language.
When we are talking with another people, we talk about something, some person, some topic etc etc. We would like to clarify or make something clear to the other person about a specific subject. This is the actual content of the conversation. At this level, we tell or portray to the other person what the message is all about. Generally its very easy to express the content of message through the use of spoken language or commonly understood gestures. Due to the fact  that the meaning of words, figures or signals that we use have been agreed to unilaterally, its forum of expression don't need to bear any resemblance with what us denoted. For example, the terminology  "clock" has nothing to do with time. To understand the other person, we need to speak his language. When the words or signals that we use to put accross our message dont bear any similarity to what they denote, its called digital language.

Content and relation:

When we are communicating with other people, we can send messages on a content level and on a relational level as explained earlier. When one is communicating in content level, its about transmitting concrete and substantial information. On a relational level, its about how a message should be interpreted and about how the relationship between the people concerned. A message is often transmitted on a content level and on a relational level simultaneously.
For instance, a person can say: "Oh my god, you look like million dollars!!".
 On a content level, a comment is made about the person looking great. On a relational level this sentence can have different meanings, for example
  • What a nice dressup1
  • You have paid way too much for that dress!
  • You are looking awesome!
  •  I too would like to look like you!
  • That dress is expensive but i actually think its really ugly.
Relational Level
Through our communication, its not only the content that has to be communicated. Along with out words, we also pass on signals that indicate how we perceive the other person as well as how the message should be interpreted by him/her. At the relational level, we articulate how we are related to the receiver of the message and what the message means. Therefore, for the conveying of feelings and relations, digital language is not quite adequate. What exactly it is that we imply by our words is not simple to express only through our words. It is also very difficult to make clear our feeling about another person. Words for example can come across a lot tougher that they are meant to.
Therefore, to make our feelings and intentions clear, we prefer to make the use of an expressive language. In this manner, what we express can be established in the gesture or signals itself, without having to learn this or having to agree on it especially. For example, the gesture of pointing at your was has something to do with time. Apart from seeing what time it is on watch, we can use it to give a signal that can be understood by everyone, without having to agree on it. This is called analogue language.

Three aspects
Communication on a relational level consists of the following three aspects:
- The expressive aspect
- The relational aspect
- The appealing aspect
Expressive aspect says something about how the sender expresses himself and the impression this makes on the receiver. does he make a professional impression or is he a layman? Does he come across as reliable? Is he friendly or not? Does he have time, is he restless or does he seem to be a hurry? Is he insolent and arrogant or a polite instead?

The relational aspect says something about how the receiver regards the relation with the sender: is the position of the sender equal, higher or subordinate? Does the receiver rate the intelligence of the sender to be high or low? Is the receiver appreciative or disparaging in relation to the sense.

With the appealing aspect it is about how the content of the message is being transmitted by the receiver. The message can be transmitted in different ways: ordering, questioning,, begging or informing. 
Often, the content of the message is expressed in words and the relation with the help of body language. The intonation and the facial expression especially play a big role in this. One can just say the aforementioned sentence about the dress in different intonations and you will find that it takes on different meanings. Non-verbal communication communicates about the verbal communications. When in doubt about the truth of the message or the sincerity of the speaker, people tend to believe non-verbal communication over the verbal one. Besides the content, it is good to also get the relational aspects of the communication clear. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to address the other person or to ask him questions about his method of communicating. Like this, we do no speak about the content of the message but about the meaning behind it and its relational aspect. 

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Spiritualism is a religion, a science, a philosophy and a way of life; not only is life eternal, but this can be verified. As a religion it is progressive and is considered by many to be the mother of all religions .
As a philosophy it is clear and accessible, and as a way of life it brings an element of joy into every nook and cranny of every-one’s pathway via life on earth.
Spiritualism itself was born of the northern hemisphere of our planet, although its phenomena are universal and timeless and the truths that is has revealed are as old as the earth itself.
So how does spiritualism prove that every human being, as well as every other,
creature lives for ever?
This is established through medium ship. It is established through those dedicated people who develop their psychic abilities to such extent that they are able to make a link, to become the exchange whereby those who presently reside in the world of spirit may communicated with those still here in the world of physical matter.
Our psychic being is our intuitive self.. It is that aspect of our persona that knows what we like and what we dislike.-and not only that very often who we like and whom we dislike at the first meeting.
All of us can recall walking into a building whether it be someone’s home or a public place, and feeling immediately uncomfortable, or walking into a crowded room, perhaps at a party, and seeing someone whom we like the look of or feel drawn to for no particular reason. Or the experience of making up a foursome for your friend’s benefits, a so-called “blind date” situation, where you can then forced to be in company of someone to whom you have taken an immediate dislike for an entire evening. All these impulses emanate from your psychic faculties.
This psychic side of your earthly life has a direct association with your spirit, and via your spirit to the spirit dimensions.
Modern Spiritualism first appeared in the 1840s in the Burned-Over
upstate New York where earlier religious movements such as Millerism (Seventh Day Adventists) and Mormonism had emerged during the Second great awakening. It was an environment in which many people felt that direct communication with God
or angels was possible, and in which many people felt uncomfortable with notions that God would behave harshly — for example, that God would condemn unbaptised infants to an eternity in Hell.
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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Handwriting Analysis (Part 1)

Well, To analyze who we are and our behavior , there are lots of ways , tool and techniques. Among them, handwriting analysis is one of the strong tool. Indeed, we can determine one's character by our handwriting as it is directly connected to our brain. Handwriting analysis is not based on assumption or ideology, its purely scientific and technical. One can't determine by simple studying this article. To know how is the particular person, at least we need 15 days to analyze and research.We can not only determine his innate abilities, potentialities inherit from his/her birth, but also we can know his mood at the particular period when he is being examined or evaluated. By measuring and calculating the upstrokes, down strokes angle, aperture of single single letters, sharpness, heaviness of handwriting , gap between words, letters, sentences, style of writing and much more options are there to be calculated before we can analyze and come to the conclusion.Each and every word making you feel so special and loved. But remember when a person sits to write anything, they not only write but also their handwriting reveals their character, behavior and experiences, in other words handwriting reveals to us much more than the feelings of happiness or sadness but the complete person. Which technique is this? Graphology, or the analysis of handwriting to reveal character traits. The handwriting never lies thus handwriting analysis is one of the most non-discriminatory tools available.Researchers have defined that handwriting is actually brain writing. It is an expression of small electrical impulses from the brain to the hand. A thought, a movement, even a feeling is a result of such electrical impulses dictated from the brain. So if you want to know about your beloved or anyone even much more better, here are some fine and great tips for you that really works.I can't put here or define each and every traits of handwriting analysis here but i try to display some indications and traits below and will update more in near future.

1.If a person leaves a huge gap at the left side, then you can predict the person to be very CAUTIOUS in love as well as any work. They take a long time to come to any decision.

2.If a persons whole sentence flows towards up, he/she is optimistic by nature.

3. If a person's letters are blur in average, he/she might be suffering from internal maladies.

4.Back-warding of words or sentence define that the person is introvert.

5.A person leaving huge space at the right side are assumed to be an ideal person. They are very punctual and they always try to meet the deadline.

6.If a person doesn’t leave even a single space or centimeter, such persons are impatient, aggressive and moody in nature.

7.If you see a paper where words are quite close to each other, quite jumbled and scrambled then the handwriting reveals that the person has a number of tasks to accomplish in a short period. The person thinks himself to be very superior. They have their own ideas and will only agree with you if you agree with them.

8.If a person while writing goes beyond or below the line of the paper, it shows the person to be pessimistic and with low self-esteem .

9.If a person while writing goes up and above the line of the paper, it shows the person to be optimistic they are sure that tomorrow will be better and always looks on the bright side of life.

10.While writing, if the handwriting are bent towards right it shows the writer have high self-esteem and high personal expectations but are not able to work out as per their expectations.

11.While writing, if the handwriting are bent towards left it shows the person is confident, ambitious, has the ability to plan ahead, high goals, high expectations, and an overall good self image.

Handwriting analysis is putting together a jigsaw puzzle or backing a cake-- you need all the pieces of ingredients to create the whole from the parts. And where each part may not mean all that much in itself, the result, your personality, can be thrilling and exciting to unveil. Graphology involves the analysis of hundreds of strokes of handwriting, individually and in relation to one another, in order to see and evaluate a personal in detail, a total pattern of behavior.
A sample of handwriting is as complex as the person who wrote it. So you can't tell much by simply glancing at the writing. A detailed study of the strokes is the only way an accurate personality portrait can be painted, so each nuance of the sample must be examined carefully and interpreted circumspectly.
A graphological analysis is so structured that even those who try to disguise their handwriting won't get success. The true personality always comes through because its difficult to sustain the concentration needed to truly mask inherent characteristics. Yet, like medicine, graphology is not only a science but an art. The science comes in mastering the techniques, which the art is in applying those techniques to their best advantage. The combined result is a potent knowledge that will open many doors and can change whole life....
Taking the handwriting Sample
Some necessary items to study graphology are mentioned as
- Sharp pencils ( 2)
- Strong light (straight focused)
- Powerful magnifying Glass.
- An 8 and half by 11 inch bond paper for writing sample.
- Legal-sized pad of paper for exercises.
- Tracing paper.
- The Graphogauge ( process to make graphogauge will be described later)
After acquiring these equipments, now you are ready to study the person's character by his/her handwriting ( as we all know handwriting actually is brain writing). Now, a full page of handwriting is needed for useful and quality evaluation. Few words, lines or a signature can't be helpful for determining to exact analysis. Therefore, enough and proper writing is a requisite to see a pattern emerge and to compare the strokes for consistency.
Never take a sample on lined paper, since the direction of the writing takes is significant, lined paper creates structure that inhibits the writer's natural flow. In general writing slanting in upwards position indicates optimism while that slanting downwards indicates pessimism, so the variation from the base line should not be interrupt neither can be ignored.
The author should write anything that comes to mind. The content of sample doesn't matter because our aim is to analyze the strokes, not words or sentences. it should be spontaneous and should be written in a free-flow style. On no account should the sample be copied, because that, would impede the author's ability to write naturally. The "brain writing" signal shouldn't be thwarted by the concentration it takes to copy a passage, which breaks up the thought process.
A ballpoint pen is preferable to any other writing instruments for the sample as it gives you the best means to measure the writer's pressure ( the way the writer bears down on the paper is significant in an analysis). The author should write the sample in any way that is comfortable. The object is to get the sample that completely reflects the personality of the individual who wrote it. If the sample is printed, however , make sure that a few lines of script are added as a backup measure. Printing can be analyzed in its own right, but the addition of these few lines will ensure that you make a full, accurate analysis

If you want complete analysis of your behavior via your handwriting, all you  need to do is contacting me. I will help to change your life via changing your handwriting as being a professional handwriting analyst. For that, half analysis will be sent within 3 days of request and partial payment verification and half will sent after full payment. My charge is 14$s and payment will be on paypal. For payment please click on the PAYNOW button at the top of page selecting your membership and before payment, do mail me, my mailing id is

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Hypnotism for beginners

Well i am again here with another self development topic termed as HYPNOTISM... i guess every one of you is familiar with this term "HYPNOTISM". ok now we go in depth of hypnotism.
Hypnotism is a splendid science. It is derived from great scientist MENDEL so initially it was termed as "MENDELISM", laterally it was renamed as "HYPNOTISM".There are many misconceptions regarding this science in society but , simply it is defined as a science to improve our inner self. To know who we actually are, to control over ourselves is the basic objective which hypnotism possess. Majority of people says that hypnotism is an art of meditation but thats not true... Actually, meditation is a part of hypnotism but hypnotism is not a part of meditation. There are several Meditating techniques helpful for practicing hypnotism which will be discussed in detail in coming days.
There are many field which , hypnotism has occupied, it is said that the first doctor , HIPPOCRATES also used to practice hypnotism. Apart from him, we can learn from many Hindu ethics like RAMAYAN, MAHABHARATA as hypnotism was practiced by many sheers so that they can be able to meditate in extreme cold mountain tops with nude body, this is one part or traditional story which defines hypnotism. This is traditional thing, not only this, hypnotism is serving human kind from the beginning. We are using it knowingly or unknowingly. for example, physiotherapy uses hypnotism. It was also used to be great tool for relaxing, memory increasing and pain easing. By the help of this great science, operations used to be done in ancient periods. And in these days also many minor operations are done via this science as it is used as anesthesia. We can see many examples in various TV channels about hypnotism like 'THE HISTORY CHANNEL'. ...
Brief benefits of Hypnotism:
There are unlimited benefits we can get from hypnotism but some are as follows.
  1. Able to get rid from any kind of ADDICTION:
    By the help of this science, we can be able to put off any kind of addiction hampering our health, wealth, social status and personal development. For example, stop smoking by the help of quit smoking hypnotism, quiting alocoholism and much more drug addiction problem.
  2. Able to rejuvenate or physical , mental ,psychological, spiritual and social development and improvement.
  3. Helpful in maintaining health in all aspects e.g losing extra weight by weight loss hypnotism.
  4. Boosting confidence and maintain smart state of body relaxed and mind alert through confidence hypnotism.These are some of the benefits we can gain by hypnotism therapy. We can practicehypnotism therapy in many hypnosis training programe.
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Monday, June 11, 2007

Meaning of StudY!!!


In the broadcast sense, for a student, study may be defined as " the pursuit of knowledge". Therefore, all our lives are spent in study to some extent. Study is not limited to specific activities or particular environmental situations. It is not confined to work in the classroom or to reading and writing in "private study". While , of course, you must initially acquire basic infos and skills in such situation, this is only the first step in studying'.(Unfortunately it is all too often the limit of studying which many students reach). To study fully you must spend a great deal of your time working with toe hrs proficient in the subject or profession which you desire to master. U must observe,discuss, and solve problems in practical situations. You can't become a competent teacher or nurse or engineer or a doctor without practical classes or by simply reading books, writing and listening to lectures. If study only involved perceiving and remembering facts and skills, then the vast majority of the time we spent in school was surely wasted.. the 'Pursuit of knowledge', must be accessed in much wider terms, based on gathering information but extended into the development of attitudes and modes of thinking. The time spent by the students in college should be a period of particularly intense study when there is a very great deal to learn in a comparatively short duration, although under conditions more conducive to academic work than those likely to be encountered at other times. It is essential for the student to make the most efficient use of his college days both in acquiring and susbsequent utilization of knowledge.
Ways for gaining knowledge:There are various ways for us to acquire knowledge apart from being bookworm. Every term can't be described here but i tried to mention some.1. Learning via Environment-Yes, its definately true and effective way to gain knowledge from environment or nature as there is nothing great mentor than nature which is giving us priceless properties from the beginning of time and also mentoring us to use it properly.2. Learning from our Elders-No matter we acquire highest degree or certificate, we can never beat our elders as they have something more which we also done have , i.e. EXPERIENCE, no matter we are technical, technological but our elders' suggestion will always help us in any field, so don't ignore what they say.3.Learning from Medias, Television and Radios-Definately, we can earn from various medias, this is what we call the boon of technology. We can hear,see the very latest information,news, various entertaining programs and much more. Some knowledge based channels are The NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC CHANNEL, THE HISTORY CHANNEL, THE ANIMALS PLANET, THE DISCOVERY CHANNEL etc etc.4. Learning from FAILURE-We can also learn from our past failures, as
We must take failures as our strength not weakness. Our attitude should be utilizing the failure so that we can achieve highest in future with our full potentials.
5. Study in and apart from HOME-Home Study is sufficient to pass exam. It is exam oriented but our focus must be knowledge oriented not exam, passing exam doesn't necessarily determine how much we learning not only means eating, its eating and digesting too. With respect to this, we should study and discuss in groups not only independent study can boost our whole potential, so group study with independent study is also needed.6. Online learning-For our era, its very easy to acquire information of anything from internet. So, we must also focus and sharp our studying campaign by searching what we desire by online learning.
[To know more , keep visiting, every article will be updating timely ,cz not a single one is full article as they are based on practice not only theory]
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Sunday, June 10, 2007


Well,everyone might wanna know what actually is this terminology "SUPERLEARNING" states?Without sorting a bit time, i will define what is this....

"SUPERLEARNING" is being defined differently to different people according to their experience, professions, attitudes where they have exercised and get benificiated by this power tool. Actually, this particular power is within us,inherited...we just need to open it up. Simply, for me as a student, superlearning is the technique which can boost my studying capability from 2-5 times faster with respect to increasing my retention power of any subjects i read. Superlearning is indeed a vast subject to be understood at a glance. We just cant get nothing at all only reading articles like this.....because superlearning is not only based on theories, if we really need to get our destination, we need to practice the technique with loyalty, then only we can boost our potentials. We might be in misconception that ' superlearning' can only be helpful for students but but but, superlearning can be used by anyone no matter of his/her profession,caste,tribe,morals,values and beliefs. Not only it can boost your reading power, it has been proved that superlearning is helpful in many fields as like in sports, health improvements via various superlearning musics (50 beats/ minutes high frequency sound will be discussed later).Great personalities like Bill Clinton,John F Kennedy,Stefan Hawking etc practice superlearning. I can't mention all the benefits we can achieve from this tool as there are unlimited which i might also not know too. But some core techniques that vastly accelerate learning and brighten performance are summarized below
-Get into a stress-free, "best" mindbody state for what you are doing.

-Absorb information in a paced, rhythmic way.

-Use music to expand memory, energize the mind, and link to your subliminal or subconscious mind.

-Engage your whole brain, your senses, emotions, and imagination for peak performance.

-Become aware of blocks to learning and change, then flood them away.

How fast can you learn? There may not be a specific speed limit. The most straightforward, elegant use of superlearning ,one thats proved endlessly successful, is to lean back and learn facts,figures and languages quickly, at any age. Imagine how you would you feel with a solid grasp of a necessary subject if you could do that without crowding your time duration. Mastering subjects is as like a practical forum of firewalking- once you prove to yourself what you are capable of , old limitations can fall across the board. how would you accelerate your learning science, for instance or maths? you can do it the way university students did in Japan, or you can do it home alone as like Brian Hamilton who did in United States. Brian Hamilton, resident of New-york City proved to himself that it works rather smart enough.Hamilton has passed his ten years since he won his masters degree in social science and became a therapist. Now he is working in Columbia University. He mentioned," I felt a little rusty, sort out of the rhythm of studying",Hamilton admits," I was getting B minuses, but i wanted to do better Two weeks before midterms, Superlearning, which i'd bought but never read, literally fell off the shelf at my feet. I went through it all in one night and thought , why not?" Hamilton himself made some trigonometry tapes focusing on "identities", something he had to know for his exams ( For step by step guide of how to create a superlearning program, you need to visit this blog most oftenly)
During study sessions, Hamilton took a few minutes to get into a "best state" for learning facts and figures. He relaxed his body to a place of deep comfort, calmed and centered his mind using full-sensed imagination; then he gave himself a few rousing positive affirmations. Ready to learn, he switched on his tape. Hamilton heard information pulsing to him in a specific rhythm: four seconds of silence. He breathed along in sync. He held his breath when something was said, breathed in an out during the pauses. Adding to the rhythmic effect, information was spoken in three different voice intonations.---normal; soft and conspiratorial; loud and commanding----cycling over and over. Once through, Hamilton put down the script he'd been following and turned on a superlearning Music tape.
He stretched out and closed his eyes. Then he head the exact same lesson over again, this time backed with special 60-beat-minute BAROQUE MUSIC [ will be defined in coming posts regarding relation between music and mind and how far can music take you]
. As soothing strings sounds flooded around him, Hamilton let his mind float easily between trigonometry and the tightly structured harmonics of BACH. That was it.
Getting in the right state of body and mind for whatever you are doing. Imbibe data in a highly suggestive and rhythmic way backed by special music as like baroque. This is the heart of superlearning which pumps mush of the spectacular speed-up. Some people just relax and listen to this particular music while they hear or read data. That brings good results too, but you probably have to beat with the full rhythm of the system to unfold supermemory.
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