Monday, January 10, 2011

Self Help For Depression

                                     Self Help For Depression
I have already discussed about the term "depression" in earlier post. In this article, i am going to describe for helping self while in depression. There are various factors which cause depression. As we all human being are different so do our living environment, surrounding on where we grew, our relatives, our friends etc etc. These are some major factors influencing depression.
If in case, one is diagnosed as a medical depression, its recovery is a lengthy or long process. Depression is the major base for other severe mental maladies like bipolar disorder, schizophrenia etc. Initial treatment of depression as mentioned by most psychiatrist is to use antidepressants which will stabilize the mood of the patient but there is always the risk of mood shifting to maniac stage if only antidepressants are being used without other necessary anti-psychotic drugs.
Apart from medical help, you can self help for your depression when you will recognize that, things are not going right way.
When you are in a deep state of depression, you will not feel like doing anything or being in company with anyone neither friends, relatives. Only negative thinking roots your mind. But when you feel like this, better be more active in sharing your state of mind to someone who are more near to you, someone who can understand your inner state of health and well being and someone who can counsel you correctly.
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