Friday, August 27, 2010

Body Language Flirting

                                       Body Language Flirting
In previous posts, we have already discussed about topics related to body language and its importance and application for personality development. Today i am going to give some information regarding body language flirting. As we know that "action speaks louder than words", non-verbal communication has a great impact on our day to day activities. We use this tool everywhere to project ourselves so do our thoughts, ideas and information before the world.

Flirting tips for Men
Everybody wants to develop their personality in front of others. I don't want you all to misunderstand the title here "flirting tips for men" negatively. In animal kingdom also, flirting is one way to improve, maintain or establish a relationship between animals. We are humans so, we must have knowledge about using body language for attracting others. Actually, using non-verbal communication for this purpose is innate or inborn quality, but i will share some tips which will be helpful for self-conscious guys to improve or generate positive relationships. Here i am going to brief some point which a guy should remember while dating a girl so that he won’t be losing his personality with the help of body language for flirting.
1. Be confident (If you are not act confident and you will be confident)
Most girls like a guy who is confident in himself and whatever he does. So, feeling or confidence is very necessary. You are not supposed to show acts like biting nails, looking here and there, diverting your attention to somewhere. You must be able to make her feel that she is secured and safe when she is with you.
2. Stay close to her
Staying far away can make her feel that you are too nervous to have talk or chat with her in anyway. So, stay close to her but not too close. Maintain private space.
3. Eye contact
This is another must have tool. While talking with her, always see in her eyes but don't stare. Mind that staring and looking are different terms. Look at her eyes when conversation and look somewhere right after the last word. Then again you can look at her eyes.
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