Monday, June 11, 2007

Meaning of StudY!!!


In the broadcast sense, for a student, study may be defined as " the pursuit of knowledge". Therefore, all our lives are spent in study to some extent. Study is not limited to specific activities or particular environmental situations. It is not confined to work in the classroom or to reading and writing in "private study". While , of course, you must initially acquire basic infos and skills in such situation, this is only the first step in studying'.(Unfortunately it is all too often the limit of studying which many students reach). To study fully you must spend a great deal of your time working with toe hrs proficient in the subject or profession which you desire to master. U must observe,discuss, and solve problems in practical situations. You can't become a competent teacher or nurse or engineer or a doctor without practical classes or by simply reading books, writing and listening to lectures. If study only involved perceiving and remembering facts and skills, then the vast majority of the time we spent in school was surely wasted.. the 'Pursuit of knowledge', must be accessed in much wider terms, based on gathering information but extended into the development of attitudes and modes of thinking. The time spent by the students in college should be a period of particularly intense study when there is a very great deal to learn in a comparatively short duration, although under conditions more conducive to academic work than those likely to be encountered at other times. It is essential for the student to make the most efficient use of his college days both in acquiring and susbsequent utilization of knowledge.
Ways for gaining knowledge:There are various ways for us to acquire knowledge apart from being bookworm. Every term can't be described here but i tried to mention some.1. Learning via Environment-Yes, its definately true and effective way to gain knowledge from environment or nature as there is nothing great mentor than nature which is giving us priceless properties from the beginning of time and also mentoring us to use it properly.2. Learning from our Elders-No matter we acquire highest degree or certificate, we can never beat our elders as they have something more which we also done have , i.e. EXPERIENCE, no matter we are technical, technological but our elders' suggestion will always help us in any field, so don't ignore what they say.3.Learning from Medias, Television and Radios-Definately, we can earn from various medias, this is what we call the boon of technology. We can hear,see the very latest information,news, various entertaining programs and much more. Some knowledge based channels are The NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC CHANNEL, THE HISTORY CHANNEL, THE ANIMALS PLANET, THE DISCOVERY CHANNEL etc etc.4. Learning from FAILURE-We can also learn from our past failures, as
We must take failures as our strength not weakness. Our attitude should be utilizing the failure so that we can achieve highest in future with our full potentials.
5. Study in and apart from HOME-Home Study is sufficient to pass exam. It is exam oriented but our focus must be knowledge oriented not exam, passing exam doesn't necessarily determine how much we learning not only means eating, its eating and digesting too. With respect to this, we should study and discuss in groups not only independent study can boost our whole potential, so group study with independent study is also needed.6. Online learning-For our era, its very easy to acquire information of anything from internet. So, we must also focus and sharp our studying campaign by searching what we desire by online learning.
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