Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Role of Music For Supermemory!

                                              Music For Supermemory
As we all are familiar with the term “music” and know how
much role it plays in our day to day life. There are various
types of music. And our choices also vary accordingly. Music
entertains us, this fact we all are known to. But recent
studies have shown that apart from entertaining us, music
can even enhances our potential. Special kinds of music make
us relaxed resulting maximum accomplishment. It relaxes our
brain and body, increases our memory as well retention
power. It synchronizes both hemispheres of our brain,
creates a neural pathway. This special kind of music not only
coordinates our brain and body but, it has been proved that
it’s also helpful to maintain our vitality and health.
From ancient times till now, we have been focusing only in
brain which is the only part for memory, learning, studying
and we keep on ignoring body. Brain is our foremost and
major part but, to obtain maximum result out body also must
be in a relaxed state which this kind of music makes.
For optimal accomplishment of whatever we do, we should
maintain this super state of “alert mind and relaxed body”
also termed as alert relaxation.
Now the music which i am talking about is known as
“BAROQUE MUSIC” . This music was within us from years
and we were not being able to know its potential in developing
ourselves, in short, developing our personality. This special
type of music is especially materialized with 50-60 beats per
minute. Ancient musicians like Mozart, Bach, Vivaldi,
Telemann, Beethoven, Brahms etc were the one to create
this special music. This music makes one smarter, speed
learning, expand memory retention power, relieve stress,
help concentration and visualization and open inner
awareness. Researchers found it’s the slow tempo section in
Baroque concertos—the largo or andante movement with a
restful tempo of about 60 beats a minute—that brings the
amped-up learning effect. Baroque composers frequently
scored this slow, soothing, serene music for string
instruments, the violin, mandolin, guitar and harpsichord,
which produce sounds rich in natural high-frequency
harmonics. Today these high-frequency sounds are known to
literally, physically, impart energy to the brain and body. The
largo movement is so powerful that as it’s started to be
played, your blood pressure relaxes and lowers and your
heartbeat slows to healthy rhythm. Stress factors in your
blood drop, probably enhancing your immune system. At the
same time EEG ( Electro encephalogram) monitors reveal
that your brain waves are changing. Your fast, beta waves
eventually decrease by 6 percent and the alpha waves of
relaxation increase by an average of 6 percent. Right and
left hemispheres of brain become synchronized. Physiological
research  shows that in a calm state your body functions
more efficiently on less energy, which makes more energy
available to your brain. The effects of slow Baroque music
match many of the physical benefits of mantra or
meditation, except that unlike chanting mantras or doing
relaxation routines, you don’t have to do anything. The music
does for you. Interestingly, studies at the Menninger
Foundation in Kansas found that synchronizing the
hemispheres of the brain (which Baroque can do in minutes)
is at the physical heart of Zen Medication. This
synchronization makes your brain’s activities coherent, laser
like, and highly productive.So its recommended to listen to this
music before starting any new job which you are nervous to.
Or just listen for 10-15 minutes before heading towards your
studying material, After listening, just take some deep breath
and with being confident go for your material. It has also
been proved that, along with Baroque if one try positive affirmation,
or auto-suggestion, it becomes more effective to get rid of addictions
like smoking, drug, alcohol or any. So better search for this music
and try it. (to be contd)

Some baroque concertos which is 60 beats a minute is given below

- From Vivaldi

Largo from "Winter" from The Four Seasons - download
Largo from Concerto in D major for Guitar and Strings

- From J.S. Bach

Largo from harpsichord concerto in F minor, BWV 1056 - download
Air for the G String- download

-From Telemann

Largo from Double Fantasia in G major for Harpsichord


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