Thursday, January 7, 2010

Make your Life a Projectile!!!

           Projecting yourself to the world
At 7.30 am, Jack Conrad rose from a sound sleep and prepared himself for the day. During the course of dressing, he convinced his wife to see a certain movie in the evening and spoke sharply to his son for his low grades in exams.
At 9.00 am he arrived at his job as a manager in a small manufacturing company, comfortably settling into the day’s routine. Before lunch, he has made various important decision regarding sales.
Mr. Conrad’s lunch hour was spent pleasantly with two co-workers in the company cafeteria. The conversation ranged from weather to cricket upto upcoming local election.

On the way to home, he stopped at the dry cleaners, only to find out that a pair of trousers was missing.
Home once again, Mr. Conrad relaxed before dinner by having a bout with his son on the electronic video game console. Dinner was the usual round of family conversation, and eventually Mr. Conrad enjoyed the movie he has convinced his wife to see that morning.
Mr. Conrad’s day sounds pleasant, if not routine. Perhaps you think it wasn’t very dynamic at all. But in point of fact, that’s not true, for throughout the course of day. Actually, Mr. Conrad was actively energetic and involved in selling himself. How? By projecting himself in his world. Let’s briefly review his day and observe Mr. Conrad, the salesman.
-Convinced Wife re: movies-------------------Sales
-Urged son to get better marks in exam---------Sales
-Put forth his views at lunch very strongly-------Sales
-Haggled with dry cleaner--------------------Sales
-Convinced son to play electronic video game-----Sales
-Presided at family dinner table; gave advice----Sales
As like Mr. Conrad we too are selling ourselves throughout the course of every day, which means we are projecting ourselves in our environment from moment to moment. As we see from Mr. Conrad’s example, the ability to project oneself to the world doesn’t belong exclusively to a professional salesperson.

Selling Yourself
Selling yourself on a daily basis in areas like interpersonal relationships and at work really means you are able to project, yourself successfully, you’ve got a good deal of positive energy that helps you to go after and get what you need and want. Conversely, if your self-esteem is low, you won’t be able to get what you want.---or simply you won’t make the sale.
One of the most profound ways in which we are involved in personal sales is in establishing interpersonal relationships, especially in love. Meeting someone and making contact is nothing but a salesmanship. Here are two approaches:
Chris Cena is a shy middle-aged man who’s already been married and divorced. Over the years he’s fallen into a routine which includes plenty of reading, jogging to be fit, and chess one night a week with an older male friend. Occasionally he will date someone, but generally these are established friends. He’s had one or two short affairs since his divorce, but he hasn’t been sexually active in over an year.
Recently, a friend convinced him to attend a party at the home of someone he didn’t know. He was reluctant to go, spent most of his time in a corner, and left early.
At one point of evening, Mr Cena was introduced to a young woman whom he found attractive. He would have liked to pursue her, but he was at a loss for conversation, and eventually her attention was drawn to another group of people.
John Regal was at the same party. He too is a divorced man in early forties. Mr. Regal has always been outgoing, and after the trauma of his divorce passed, he resumed an active social life that includes many friends and casual and serious dating.
John Regal was also introduced with the same gal, and he too, was captivated by her. He engaged her attention by drawing her out in conversation. He displayed a genuine interest in her aside from the possibility of sexual relationship, and as a result, she consented to go out with him.
Obviously, John regal was successful while Chris cena was not, for the simple reason that John effectively sold his personality to the young lady. Feeling self-confident and being able to put yourself across, no matter what the situation, are important ingredients for successfully projecting yourself to the world. So, is determination, or else, you will give up before you reach your goal.
So to improve these aspects or tool which can alter life in positive way, personality development topics are in need as like i have described before. By changing handwriting, you can change your personality. Body language is also an important tool which can’t be left... ( to be contd) 


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