Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Permanent Memory in brief!!

                                              LONG TERM MEMORY
While talking about memory once again, i wanna mention about long term memory or permanent memory ( semantic memory- relating to meaning in language or logic or store of general world knowledge).
                                               Recognition and Recall
There are mainly two ways we access our memory: recognition and recall.
Recognition is the type of memory retrieval when we are provided the information in memory (example: options are given). All we need to do is the double check that we've seen it before. It mainly includes: familiar feeling, matching, multiple choice,Objective Question and answer, true/false or recognizing someone you know by his/her face.
Recall is the type when you have to retrieve information from your memory bank by self, no options are given. For instance, recognizing a person you already know is recognition and getting name from your memory bank is recall i.e.getting info. regarding certain time period like where you were when Saddam Hussein was hanged , fill in the blanks in exams etc.

Recognition involves a process of comparison of information with memory and recall involves a search of memory self the the comparison process when something is found.

                                              SOME FACTS OF LONG TERM MEMORY
When we fail to retrieve information from our brain, we know that condition as retrieval failure or commonly we are forgetting. One common type of this failure is Tip-of-tongue phenomena i.e. you know the meaning of word, or the answer of query, but you can't retrieve what it is. You know the person's face, his work, his home even his telephone number but not the name. Simply, every details are in the tip of tongue but not the important part  by which we are attached to someone or something. This is because of not registering the data properly in the brain or encoding it well. So, to get rid of this condition, all we need to do is concentrate on the thing or person fully like when you meet someone for the first time, get his name clearly, talk to him saying his name with tone, search if his name got any meaning, search if his name is familier with the one whom you know well and associate him with the one you know, see his name in his forhead writing in colorful letters and feel it. Now, if you encode something with this small effort, its rare that you forget the next time you meet him.This is just a simple step to encode something in long term memory.

                                                    WHY DO WE FORGET?
There are various reasons by which we forget some are:
1) Fading of the contents or date over time ( trace decay)
2) Data Interference ( old information being overlayed by new)
3) Lack of retrieval cues (absence of codes or keys to retrieve information)
4) Dilution of information while registering.
5) Disinterest regarding that topic or subject matter.
6) Lack of concentration while registering.
7) Mental Stress, anxiety.
8) Lack of repetition.


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