Thursday, January 28, 2010

Personality dating service and tips


As human, being social animals, we are interested in making contacts or want to be active in social life like partying,concerts,seminars etc etc. And there, your eyes visualize a beauty of your dream. Now! here comes the hard part--winning her over on your first outing together Personality development tips and tricks are really helpful in this topic also. To make others interested in you and your behavior is also another achievements which can only be gained by developing personality through the techniques mentioned in this blog.

Some Tips for first time outing:

1) Start somewhere old-- Neel David. A cute VJ,a friend of friend, was his unfortunate first date. He had met the gal in the restaurant he'd never been before." What's good there? she tweeted." Honestly speaking, I don't have a clue," he replied. Her blank and vacant look shows her negative impression. The venue was one aspect he could have controlled, and it was proving to be more of an annoyance than an aphrodisiac (love potion). This means we always are best when we are relaxed and comfortable and as first outing is concerned, confidence also plays vital role. So, in first date, go where you have been there before and known the place clearly.

2) Most girls are like surprises-- First date conversations follow predictable lines like where are you from, what do you do for living, and a lot WH questions which is unlimited, so better try to talk surprise. Charles Orlando, author of The Problem with Women..Is Men, says," Every man who is good with women has a host of stories, questions and jokes that elicit good responses".

3) Extend the encounter-- Keep changing locations which can re-energize her so as her mood and can create a shared sense of adventure. One of my friend, John Smith dates with Yasmin, a journalist. Though his first impression of her was not too favorable, she proved to be edgier than he'd expected." I may look like a vapid girl, but inside I'm smart and overweight", she joked. After a few drinks, he suggested moving to a cool little restaurant. She loved it. The evening ended with a kiss, and they went out another three times.

- Your Battle Plan: Set up locations so things flow from casual and fun to romantic and intimate.

4) Have knowledge when you are bombing-- Been on a date that you thought went great, only never hear from the girl again? John found himself on the other side of this scenario with Lita, whom he met through an online dating site. He wasn't attracted to her much, so he kept smiling and chuckling a lot, just to be polite. After an hour, he said he had to head out. The very next day, Lita emailed him a sweet note. He never wrote back. But he was bothered by his date with Katrina, a photo journalist who seemed really into him only to leave an hour for a work call---at 8 pm. According to psychologist Dr. Vishwa Bandhu, John's experience mirrors what many women go through on unsatisfying dates. " Women smiles a lot to mask negative emotions, he says".

- Your battle plan: To find out if she is truly in you or not, look for signs that actually mean something, her body language, facial expressions. " Touching you, heavy eye contact, and leaning in toward you are actually all positive signs". If she ignores her cell phone, thats a very great sign. If you are receiving or noticing these signals, try touching her hand slightly. If she doesn't pull back, then you have probably won her over.
These are just simple tips based on experience and simple research on girl's psychology. But might not be applicable to everyone at everytime. So, use this at your own risk.


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