Sunday, January 31, 2010

Personality Judgement with Fooding Behavior

Well this topic is really interesting. There are various tool to judge personality or behavior of an individual like handwriting analysis, body language, facial expression, intonations etc etc but now i am going to put forth the extraordinary tool which is simple and used by everyone in most cases, i.e. judging the personality by the way we take foods.
According to a research done by psychologist Donna Dawson, from the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, Chicago, our dining habits offer insights into our personalities. Use the tables to find out more about yourself and anyone your are linked with.

FIRST EVALUATION--- How you apply your ketchup

Cover the food in swirling lines------------------showy
Dot sauce on the food that needs it ------------Reserved
Splash a neat blob on the side, not even touching the food -Responsible
Whack a big splodge all over the food -------     Ambitious
Down your grub in the stuff  ------------------     Family man
Draw words or shapes on the plate -------------  Easygoing     

SECOND EVALUATION--- Your favourite ice-cream flavour
Chocolate -------------------------------------    Showy
Strawberry ------------------------------------   Reserved
Butterscotch ---------------------------------    Responsible
Choco Chip ------------------------------------   Ambitious
Banana -----------------------------------------   Family man
Vanilla ------------------------------------------  Easygoing

THIRD EVALUATION--- How you drink your soup                      Drink from the bowl ------------------------   Showy
Use a small spoon -------------------------     Reserved
Take half spoonfuls  -------------------------  Responsible
Use a large spoon   --------------------------  Ambitious
Drink from a mug -----------------------------  Family man
Slurp from a mug -----------------------------  Easygoing


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