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                                         JOB PROTECTING STRATEGIES
"Don't just strive the tough times. Thrive"
Here are some strategies by which you can be able to protect your job based Men's Health.

TIP 1-- Seduce the boss
" You need to figure out what turns your boss on," says Stephen Viscusi, author of BULLETPROOF YOUR JOB. He needs to think of you as more than just another employee.
THE TASK: Chat up your boss over lunch or short break, and cultivate a joint interest with him in something unrelated to work. Then set up a Google alert for the topic and you'll become a reliable source of information for him.

TIP 2-- Be Loyal
" Don't think performance alone decides who is let go," says Preeti Monga, corporate trainer and career counselor." They have to lay someone off". SO stick with the boss who hired you, and he'll remember how your always stand out.
THE TASK: Stay in touch. Take him to lunch every month, tell him about your new achievements, and pick up projects overlapping with his new realm. That way, he's still involved in your work and can at least put in a good word when the spreadsheets come out." ALso remember, productivity is the key," says Monga.

TIP 3-- Evaluate your emotions
A lot of layoff decisions are based on relationships and perceptions of how you fit in. If you're a constant contrarian, you're not seen as contributing, even if you are, watch out.
THE TASK: If you're stressed disengage rather than risk appearing like a hothead. "Get positive by putting happy reminder on your screen" says Monga. Excuse yourself to take a walk or push back an appointment. Its your job to be active, positive and make valuable contributions.

TIP 4-- Toot your horn
Boasting's bad and annoys everyone. But get real: Your boss should known how you sweated to close the deal
THE TASK: Tell him about it modestly, says John Gibbons, research advisor at the Conference Board, a workplace think tank. " If a customer praises your work, congratulate your boss and thank him for inspiring you," says Monga. Give credit to your team. At your annual review, quantity your achievements in terms of money. In tough times, numbers are what everyone hears.

TIP 5-- Compete Right
Layoff protection is like the old joke about two guys in the woods, says Mike Mann, senior vice president at New York-based defense firm L-3 Communications:" A bear comes charging at them, and one guy stops to put on his tennis shoes. The other ask what he's doing, and the first guy says," I don't have to beat the bear. I just have to beat you."
THE TASK: Work with the ' do more with less' cliche. "Take on tough projects everyone else avoids," says Subhash Malik, a corporate HR expert. "If you fail, there's little downside risk. But if you're successful, you're going to be a hero".

TIP 6-- Diversify
More skills give you more roles. " Its easier to cut somebody who specializes in only one thing," says Malik. Performing a wider variety of tasks increases your value.
THE TASK: Join teams whose projects affect multiple departments. Exposure to people beyond your work circle will broaden your understanding of the company and boost your visibility

If these job saving strategies are done with little effort and comfort, this will really help


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