Thursday, January 28, 2010


Auto-suggestion or self-suggestion is that powerful tool which directly effect the sub-conscious or subliminal mind. Auto-suggestion is simple, its the statement  made in the present tense, of the kind or type of human being you want to be. It is like writing the commercial about yourself, for yourself. They influence both mind (conscious as well sub-conscious) that, in turn, influence both the attitude and behavior. Auto-suggestions can be negative as well as positive. It depends on how you choose to be.

Some negative auto-suggestions are:
- I am exhausted or tired.
- I am not an athlete.
- I have a very poor memory power.
- I am weak.
- I am not good at maths.
When you feed your mind with these kind of negative suggestions, especially your sub-conscious mind believes it and starts reflecting it through your behavior. For an instance, when a person who gives himself the auto-suggestion,"I have a very poor memory," is introduced to a new person, he will not make the effort to remember his name because he tells himself," I have a poor memory so there's no point even trying to remember" ( so i was saying in before posts, attitude really makes character and reflects in behavior). Of course, he won't remember his name the next time he meet him, and will again tell himself,"i have a poor memory". Its never ending cycle and a self fulfilling prophecy.
When an individual repeats a belief or deep thinking often enough, it sinks and deepens into his ocean of subliminal mind and become the reality of his life.A lie that is repeated often enough becomes accepted as a truth internally, as someone has said "A lie if repeated 100 times becomes a truth".
So, what necessary steps should be taken to get rid of this irregularity of mind? Simple answer is to make positive statements of affirmations. Any picture you hold in your mind becomes a reality sooner or later.Auto-suggestion is somewhat like self-hypnotism but not concentrated like hypnotism. Its also like Autogenics where suggestions plays part to control your body even your heartbeat and breathing. Auto-suggestions should not be phrased in a negative way. Never say," I am so disorganized, " Instead say," I am well organized person." Our mind is like the positive magnet, it just get quick attraction to negativity, if you don't believe i will give one example. If you tell ," don't think of  vampires," its likely that the image of vampires with long nails and teeth immediately popped into your mind, try this!
So, always think of positive, good, better and apply this in your life. Making positive self-image can boost your rational power. Image streaming is one tool for positive image making which can help you and prepare you for quick decision, problem solving and much more..


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