Thursday, January 28, 2010

Positive Body Language

                                Positive Body language for positive personality
One great secret of success is by acting like you are already a success. Sending out good and positive body language is like having two voices showering praises on you instead of only one. In addition to this, people are always more likely to remember what they see and few seconds of body movement can be worth an entire interview of words. It is said that action speaks louder than words. But how does one go about getting better body language?
I am going to give some tips so that  one can be able to sell themselves or project positively before others using posture and expression.

1) Stand Straight:
Slouching or hunching gives an impression that you have something to hide. Keep your head up and smile while you are walking. Relax and let your arms hang at your sides. This walk will give people the impression that you have nothing to hide and that you are used to being listened to. Another thing, always make use of your hands while you speak. Making hand motions and gestures increases the chances that people will concentrate on what you are saying. Being animated also helps someone get excited about a project or story that is being described to them. Excitement spreads, if there is someone to spread it.

2) Pay attention:
One of the major aspects of good body language is paying attention to someone and also looking like you are paying attention and not get distracted and lose concentration. Nodding the head and make positive remarks will let someone know that you are interested in what they are saying. Taking notes if appropriate and applicable is also suggested.

3) Speak carefully and slowly
 When someone is nervous or unsure of themselves, they often tend to speak at a rapid pace. Speaking slowly and calmly will give someone a sense of your calm. Speaking at a moderate pace will make you look, feel and act more confident.

4) Make Eye contact
This tip is one which can not be ignored while doing conversation. When you make eye contact with the one whom you are speaking, it shows your confidence level. Because this look is traditionally challenging, it sends the message that you are not afraid to stand up for the goals and will not get intimidated by the person. Try not to meet the eye for too long. Maintain eye contact for as long as you feel is necessary and them look somewhere else, its because if u keep looking for long period without a blink can send negative message it can be mentioned as staring so keep this in mind.
5) Relax your body
Tension  or stress is the thing which spreads like virus from one person to another.When someone is self-conscious or tensed, other people have the same sense of stress. To reduce this, take deep breaths and let yourself relax before an important meeting or date or interview or any challenges which is take your breaths away.

6)Scale the invisible wall
People often keep an invisible sphere or personal space around themselves. Stepping into this space for a minute will help to gain self-confidence. Touching in hand, shoulder or shaking hands with a firm grasp are all signs of confidence and strength and helps to break the wall.

These are some tips which bring positive changes in anyone life.But its not the magical wand which works instantly, it needs time, practice, determination and one important thing attitude for success and change.


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