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Reiki (The Healing Touch)

                                     Reiki (The Healing Touch)
Before going through its depth, firstly its very important to know what “REIKI” means. The term Reiki means Universal Life Force Energy. It is defined as the power which acts and lives in all created living matter. That means we all do possess Reiki power inherent within us. Actually, Reiki is made by two parts REI and KI. Rei describes the universal boundless aspect of the energy while Ki stands for the vital life force energy which flows through all living beings. It is one of the highest form of energy in existence. It can be said as the life force.
Reiki is for all people of all religion, gender, caste, tribe, morals and ethics. It doesn’t describe any particular religion of ethical values neither it holds no creed or doctrine. It has nothing to do with spiritualism or the occult in any shape or form.

--Reiki—A Holistic Medicine:
The adjective holistic is derived from the ancient Greek word “holos” which means “whole”. Interest in the holistic approach to medicine was revived in the early 1970s. Holistic Medicine is an alternative medicine technique with natural methods, alternative to a scientific approach that attempts to understand all phenomena including human beings by reducing them to their most basic biological processes. Holistic medicine does not reject or neglect the need for swift and sophisticated medical or surgical actions, but does emphasize health promotion, and patient education. Its objective is somewhat like “Prevention is better than cure”. Apart from relying or depending in modern medicinal tools, holistic medicine welcomes all the techniques which have been developed in various culture in the run of time. Thus, it makes use of a variety of therapeutic approaches. These approaches are termed as ( Alternative Medicine like Homeopathy, Ayurveda,  Acupuncture etc). We have an enormous internal potential which is making us healthy by balancing the aura. Holistic medicine does have many approaches but some major are as follows:
1) Humanistic medicine, which emphasizes the relationship between physicians and patients, and the psychological and spiritual development of both the patient and physician.
2) Psychosomatic medicine, which is concerned with the interdependence and mutual influence of psychological and physical factors.
3) Behavioural medicine, which stresses the psychological and social causes and effects of illness or particular ailment.
--Relation of Reiki with Personality Development:
The keypoint to Reiki is its simplicity. As like other branches or tool of personality development, Reiki is one of them. By learning and mastering in Reiki techniques, we can not only heal ourself but also can use this tool to others by transferring pure or positive energy to their body. When we use Reiki in self, we’ll balance the energy, increase positive energy and kick out the negatives which ultimately increase our working potential, releasing withheld emotional blocks and phobias, hence developing the overall personality and potential. When we get success in treating others with the help of Reiki, we feel good within internally which boosts our self-esteem or confidence. Its also good to treat others without risking of any negative side-effects like allopathic medications.
--Effects of Reiki Treatment:
Once a person is attuned, he/she needs only to have a desire to do Reiki on self or others, and the energy is immediately drawn on its own accord; no further intense focus from the practitioner is needed. Reiki is extremely effective technique of total relaxation like autogenics, yoga, meditation, hypnotism so it also helps to reduce mental pressure or stress. One is filled with the internal peace of mind, vitality, and joy. Reiki is a wonderful tool to help one develop conscious awareness, the very key to enlightenment. Reiki affects each individual in a very personal way, the result being determined by the needs of the person being treated. Some common denominators which seem to result from most treatments are given below (source: Healing touch of Reiki: PBV Lakshmi and PVS Shastry). Reiki
(i) Balance Energy.
(ii) Increases creativity.
(iii) Helps release emotions.
(iv) Amplifies energy.
(v) Works on causal level of disease.
(vi) Heals holistically without any negative side effects.
(vii) Increases awareness.
(viii) Slows the aging process.


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