Monday, April 12, 2010

Reiki (Part 2-Philosophy)

                                          Reiki (Part 2-Philosophy)
As described in earlier post also, Reiki is not associated with any  material which is visible, nor does it have shape, nor name. There exists one Supreme Being, the Absolute Infinite, a Dynamic Force that governs the world and whole universe. It is an unseen spiritual power that vibrates which is unfathomable, immeasurable, and being a Universal Life force, it is incomprehensible to man. Yet, every single living being is receiving its blessing daily, awake or asleep,
Different teachers and masters call it the Great Spirit; the Universal Life Force; Life Energy because when applied, it visualizes the whole system; Ether Wave because it soothes pain and puts you into deep slumber as if under an anesthetic; and the Cosmic Wave because it radiates vibrations of exultant feeling and lifts you into harmony.
Reiki is a radionic wave like of radio. It could be applied locally or, as in short wave, a distant treatment could also be successfully executed. Reiki does not destroy delicate tissues or nerves, it is absolutely harmless or has got no negative side-effects. It should be applied and used daily as prevention. God gave us hands to use them to apply and heal, to retain physical health and mental balance, to free ourselves from ignorance and live in an enlightened world, to live in harmony with ourselves and others, and love all being.
When these rules are applied daily, the body shall respond and all we wish and desire to attain in this world is within reach---health, happiness and the road to longevity. Being a universal life force, from the Great Diving Spirit, Reiki belongs to all who seek and desire to learn the art of healing.

Reiki knows neither color, nor creed, nor age. It will find its way when the student is ready to accept it. He is shown the way. Initiation is a sacred ceremony and the contact is made. Because we are associating with  the Divine Spirit, there is no error nor should we doubt. It is Absolute!
With the first contact or initiation, the hands radiate vibrations when applied to the ailing part. It relieves pain, stops the blood from open wound; your hands are ready to heal acute and chronic ailments. in the human beings, plants, fowls and animals. In acute cases, Reiki application for only a few minutes is needed. In chronic cases, the first step is to find the cause and effect. It is necessary to undress the patient completely, but it is better to loosen all tight clothings so that the patient may relax, lying on the table in face up position. Most important is to find the cause of the illness.

Reiki Healers: (Source: Reader's Digest Guide to Alternative Medicines)
   The person who uses Reiki to heal self and others is termed as Reiki Healers. They use prayer, meditation or visualization to link themselves to the divine power or healing forces which are then channelized to patients or victims, activating their power to heal themselves. They patients even may not be aware that they are being healed.
Any mental, physical or spiritual distress can be treated. The patient taking no active part, may still benefit, although it is thought that a relaxed, positive patient may be more receptive to healing energies liberated within him. Because the patient does not have to participate actively, Reiki is said to be particularly suitable for babies, young children and animals, for very ill people, whose vitality and self-healing powers have been exhausted by lengthy illness, may gain special benefits. Reiki is also particularly suitable for those who are to ill to travel.
Helping patients to heal themselves is usually a gradual process. Instant cures can't be expected, especially where illness is the result of long-term factors such as unhealthy diet or ongoing stress or lack of physical exercise. In such cases, healing may help, but it is not offered as a replacement for more direct, orthodox therapies. Often healing is sought as a last resort when the body's defenses are already depleted. Although it has proves successful in some cases regarded by orthodox medicine as incurable, patients should not expect healing to succeed immediately where all else has failed. Progress is very often slow, sometimes even preceded by worsening symptoms as the body seeks to regain its ability to fight the illness. Healers never accept that a case may be incurable, and this alone encourages many seriously ill patients. Healing of any type is likely to produce positive psychological effects. Even in cases where a condition can't be reversed or improved, a patient may be relieved of distress and brought to accept his or her condition.


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