Saturday, February 13, 2010


                                 MAGNESIUM FOR MEMORY IMPROVEMENT

Due to lack of memory exercises, our memory power keeps degrading not even in old age but also in young generation. The main theme for memory development is "USE IT OR LOSE IT", if we keep using our memory, it gets strengthened day per day. This is one of the reason why old peoples are complaining about memory loss.But, with a latest research published in "neuron" magazine, if adequate amount of magnesium is taken, memory power as well as congnitive abilities also increases.

This research was done in Peching Sinhwya University, Center for learning and memory by the team of Professor, Guosong Leu. They had taken mice as the medium for this research. After the investigation, they came to conclude that, increasing magnesium in diet can leads to good memory power, as they have increased this element in mice. According to research, its very necessary to have magnesium intake in food but its hard to increase the concentration of magnesium in brain with traditional methods. Therefore, the team had developed a magnesium compound known as "magnesium and threonites".

When taken in proper amount with food, this compound can increase the level of magnesium in brain. Prof. Leu says, while increasing the level of magnesium in brain, memory of old mice had also increased significantly. To control the amount of magnesium, mice were given normal foods as usual, only the level of magnesium was increased.
Apart of this analysis, human does have various tools to increase memory and concentration. People remember things according to their personality types and traits. We should always be inclined to live with stress, strain, anxiety and frustration. We can not ignore them but can manage them.


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