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Well stress, strain, tension, anxiety are the human emotions which we can't neglect, ignore or reject. They arise according to time and condition. Every one of use have perceived this. A classic study at Gerogetown University found that piled up stress can affect even eight-year-old, lowering IQ by as much as ten points These negative emotions are the obstacle for giving our 100 percent in whatever we do, they diminishes our performance hence decreasing the self-confidence and esteem. But, instead of taking negative, lets know the ways to kick stress busters out. But before you read this article, Please make your mind that without applying these techniques, they are not going to work for you automatically as like magical wand. I am just giving the boat, to cross the river, you are the only one to go for it. Another thing, dedication and determination are keypoint while practicing. If you master these techniques, you have made the best investments you can ever make, one that doesn't cost a cent, i.e. learn to relax and shift body states at your will. You'll add new dimensions to your life and probably some years so good luck

Introduction: Autogenics  or Self birthing is the way to relax yourself totally, totally in a sense that you can relax and control both your mind and body at the same time. It was discovered and developed by German M.D. Dr. Johannes Schultz. Although he was a medical person, he sought something more primary than symptoms based pills and surgeries to cure his patients' woes or wounds, and devised a formulas to teach them to relax and control themselves at will. After patients became adept in shifting healthy body states at will, he gave them more formulas to help them make the most of their states of mind. So, the self-birthing began. According to me and my experience, Autogenics is something like positive affirmation or auto-suggestion but with advanced methods and techniques. Autogenics not only gives us relaxation but it also accelerates learning as we all know the main block for memory, learning, concentration is STRESS which autogenics completely removes. Its like psychological gymnastics for psychological fitness. Just 10-15 minutes practicing per day can produce the desired effect sooner or later according to how much determined and dedicated you are.

Procedure: (Source: Superlearning 2000)
Choose a quite place to practice where no one will disturb you. You can assume any position in which you can relax. But, Lying down can be the best.

 Warm Up-
Imagine you are putting a "relaxation mask" over you face. This soothing mask smooths your frowns, tension, and wrinkles. Feel it from heart. All the muscles of your face relax and let go, relax and let go. Your eyelids close and rest gently. You focus your eyes on the tip of your nose. Your jaw hangs, loose with your mouth slightly open your teeth but don't touch. Put your tongue on the inner gum line of your upper teeth as if you were silently pronouncing a d or t letter.
Begin very gently with belly breathing, that is, breathing in deeply without straining in any way. As, the air flows inside, feel you abdomen fill with air and puff up. As you breath out, feel it sink in and empty out. Breath slowly and smoothly. Exhale twice as long as you inhale. With each breathing, increase the count. Inhale,2,3; exhale,2,3,4,5,6. Inhale,2,3,4; exhale,2,3,4,5,6,7,8. Start inhaling on a 1 or 2 count, then increase to 6 or 7. Do not strain. Now cycle backward down to where you started. Breath in 6, out 12. Breath in 5, out 10 and continue right upto 1.
Do this mental warm up for 2-3 minutes

1) Heaviness:
You begin by developing a pleasant feeling of heaviness in your body. Begin with your right arm. Say to yourself
- My right arm is getting limp and heavy (6-8 times).
- My right arm is getting heavier and heavier (6-8 times)
- My right arm is completely heavy (6-8 times)
- I feel supremely calm (1 time)
Open your arm and get rid of that heaviness in your arm. Bend your arm back and forth several times. Take a few deep breaths. Relax again. Scan your relaxation mask. Do the cycle again. Do this heaviness exercise, for about 7-10 minutes, two or three times a day
*Troubleshooting- If you have trouble imagining your arm is heavy, hold a heavy object with your arm and say aloud, "My right arm is getting heavier and heavier".
Do this exercise with your right arm for three days. Then continue with the same formula with your left arm for three days, both arms, right leg, left leg, both legs and arms and legs combined-- for three days each. It will be something like
-My left arm is getting limp and heavy, etc. (3 days)
-Both my arms are getting limp and heavy, etc. (3 days).
-My right leg is getting limp and heavy, etc. (3 days).
-My left leg is getting limp and heavy etc. (3 days).
-Both my legs are getting limp and heavy etc. (3 days).
-My arms and legs are getting limp and heavy etc. (3 days).

** This Heaviness exercise take three weeks. If you experience a genuine sensation of heaviness in arms and legs, you're ready for Step Two. If not then keep practicing until you get that sensation. Its better to have a firm foundation or base.

2) Warmth:
Begin with your warm-up for about two minutes. Do one cycle of Heaviness exercise for arms and legs for one minute. One you feel a sense of heaviness, begin to learn how to arouse a feeling of warmth on command: The process is same as heaviness
-My right arm is getting limp and warm (6-8 times)
-My right arm is getting warmer and warmer (6-8 times)
-My right arm is completely warm (6-8 times)
-I feel supremely calm (1 time)
*As you repeat the formula for warmth, try to imagine that you arm is very, very warm. You can put a pail of warm water in your arm or imagine a hot arm in hot sun. Follow the same pattern as like heaviness exercises. Do the right arm for 3 days, left arm, both arms, left leg, right leg, both legs, both arms and legs---all for three days each. You will master this in 3 weeks duration. After that, do this final formula summing up the first two exercises;
- My arms and legs are getting limp and heavy and warm. (6-8 times)
- My arms and legs are getting heavier and warmer. (6-8 times)
- My arms and legs are completely heavy  and warm. (6-8 times)
- I feel supremely calm (1 time).

* Between cycles of warmth formula open your eyes, move your arms and legs, and throw off the feeling of heaviness and warmth. Then invoke it again. As you mentally say the formula, visualize your arms and legs getting heavier and warmer.

3) Calm Heart:
Begin with the warm up. Repeat shortly the heaviness and warmth formula. Say each phrase 3 or 4 times. In the beginning, do this exercise lying on your back. Mentally sense your heartbeat. Sense it in your chest, throat, or wherever. If you are prone to headaches, don't feel it in your head. You may prefer to rest your right hand on the pulse point of your left wrist or even on your chest. Usually, in a relaxed state, you can feel the beat. Then repeat silently to yourself:
-My chest feels warm and pleasant (6-8 times).
-My heartbeat is calm and steady (6-8 times).
-I feel supremely calm (1 time).

* Do this exercise 2 or 3 times a day for seven to ten minutes for 2 weeks

4) Breathing:
Do the warm up. Repeat the following;
-My arms and legs are getting limp and heavy and warm (1-2 times)
-My arms and legs are getting heavier and warmer (1-2 times)
-My arms and legs are completely heavy and warm (1-2 times)
-My heartbeat is calm and steady (1-2 times)
-I feel supremely calm (1 time)
-My breathing is supremely calm (6-8 times)
-I feel supremely calm (1 time).
* Do this exercise to gain control over your breathing seven to ten minutes, two or three times a day for two weeks. You will know you've mastered it if you can climb stairs or jog and still breathe calmly and rhythmically at your own command. Instead of "supremely calm" and alternative final sentence for this exercise is:
- It breathes me (1 time)

5) Stomach:
This exercise is to help you arouse a pleasant feeling of warmth in your solar plexus--the area above the waist below the ribs.
Do the warm up. Repeat in short form the heavy/warm formula and heart and breathing formula Then add;
-My stomach is getting soft and warm (6-8 times).
-I feel supremely calm (1 time)
 *To help generate the sensation of warmth in solar plexus, you can rest your right palm on your solar plexus while doing this exercise. Gradually you will feel your solar plexus radiating warmth. Some people prefer the formula " My solar plexus radiates warmth ".
*Do this formula for seven to ten minutes, two or three times a day for two weeks. The exercise is completed when you can rouse definite warmth on command.

6) Cool Forehead:
 This exercise is for experiencing a feeling of coolness on your forehead. Do the warm-up. Repeat in short form the formula for heaviness, warmth, heart, breathing and stomach. Then say;
-My forehead is pleasantly cool. (6-8 times)
-I feel supremely calm. (1 time)
* Imagine a fresh breeze blowing on your forehead and face. If you don't feel coolness right away,stand in front of air conditioner or a fan and say aloud to yourself,"My forehead is cool".
*Do this exercise two or three times a day for seven to ten minutes for two weeks. When you definitely experience a sensation of coolness in your forehead, you've completed this Step

7) Recap:
You are now ready for final roundup formula, which is in effect graduation from Level-One Autogenics. Do the warm-up. Repeat in short form the formulas for heaviness, warmth, heart, breathing, stomach, and forehead. Then say;
-My arms and legs are heavy and warm.
-My heartbeat and breathing are calm and steady.
-My stomach is soft and warm, my forehead is cool
-I feel supremely calm.

*Repeat the final formula several times. If you've mastered the full series, you'll be able to say this once or twice and immediately achieve the pleasant, calm, stress-free autogenic state. you are in control. The ability to reach this state strengthens with regular practice. Maintenance practice is five minutes, twice a day. Whenever you need to summon this special state---whether its facing some competition, test, audition, or challenge---you simple say to yourself, "Arms and legs heavy, warm; heart and breathing calm, steady; stomach warm, forehead cool, calm. " You'll be immune to any stress, whether it's public speaking, negotiating a business contract, or taking an exam or interview....

**Apart from this proven techniques, this is just first level autogenics, second level autogenics will be published soon which can drive more potential than this**
Autogenics is a sure method to kick your stress out and relax you no matter of time, condition, mood and environment.
Wish you all best of luck and do comment me after being succeeded!


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