Thursday, February 11, 2010

Personality Disorders

                                            PERSONALITY DISORDER

Personality Disorders can be defined as the personality traits that are extreme or that cause enough difficulty in a person's life to interfere with daily functioning to the point of "disabling." It can not only effect the victim but also the surroundings he is living. It can be simple which can be treated at home or can be chronic which extends to mental illness and needs medical supervisions and allopathic medications.
Medicine defines personality disorder as--
Long-term, pervasive, inflexible patterns of thoughts and behaviors that are not well adapted or do not fit within the range of behavior considered normal. These patterns of "abnormal" thoughts and behaviors lead to significant problems in the ability to reason and/or interact with others and/or to behave appropriately.
Some of major mentall illness like depression, bipolar disorder or even schizophrenia can be taken as the chronic stage of personality disorder in humans. It can happen to anyone and anytime.

There are various types of personality disorders affecting different age groups.Some of them are summarized below:
1)Borderline Personality Disorder
2) Paranoia or Schizoid Personality Disorder.
3) Anti-social personality disorder.
4) Narcissistic personality disorder .
5) Avoidant personality disorder.
6) Dependent personality disorder .
7) Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder.

All these above mentioned personality disorder traits have their own impact and nature but as a whole they just ruined the social and personal life of the sufferer. When a loved one in your family is suffering from one of the personality disorders, the entire family is under stress. A family is like a grape: each segment is unique, but connected to make a whole. When member suffers, the entire family suffers.Giving Mood stabilizer medications is one allopathic way to make this disorder in constant form by stabilizing the mood of victim (neither letting him/her to be more excited--can leads to mania nor letting him/her to be sad---leading to depression).

Apart from medications, the sufferer needs psychological counseling  and support too. Most of the disorders which has shaped and declared as mental illness can recur if the sufferer stops to take stabilizing drugs which we should be focused and care. We can only stabilize the illness, can recognize its symptoms but can not prevent it so one must take drugs according to his/her psychiatrist.


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