Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tips for Parents (Child Personality Development)

Tips for Parents (Child Personality Development)

Every parents want their son and daughter be the best. This is why they work really very very hard to maintain every wishes of their children. Every stages of human life is important but the most crucial stage is PUBERTY. This is the stage after childhood and before adulthood. We can simply say this is the stage when a child grows up physically, mentally and most importantly emotionally. Most parents know that their children are growing physically and mentally but ignore the aspect that they also grow emotionally.
So, in this crucial period, they need emotional support too. Below are some points which every parents must make in mind.

1. Always invest for providing quality education to your children.
2. Fulfill the needed necessities of your children ( Take limits).
3. Socialize them. (Take them to parties, social gatherings, to develop public relations).
4. Let them realize their failures and support them to get success in future.
5. Take care of their health and fitness.
6. Be a leader and lead them for their betterness.
7. Act like a friend ( so they can't hesitate to say their internal conflicts--But take Limits)
8. Be the source of inspiration and motivate them for positive personal development.
9. Never ever compare your children with other children which demoralize them.
10. Never Scold them comparing your era and their----generation gap
11. Never repeat the same thing again and again
12. Spend more time with them.
13. If they make mistake, act according to condition ( To be harsh or cool is up to you ).
14. Try to understand their needs even if they don't express.
15. Maintain smooth relation between you and your children.
16. One most important tip, If they fall, let them wake up by themselves, motivate and inspire to wake up, but don't support. We love our children so we support them but forgetting we are making them weak. Struggle is the truth everyone is aware of so let them form then habit of struggling so they will succeed in future...


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