Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Body Language (Part- Xi)

 Body Language (Part Xi-7 Functions of Non-verbal Communication)

In the communication theory seven functions of the non-verbal communication are distinguished:

1) Saying again what has already been expressed in words ( Saying "no" and shaking the head at the same time, giving direction and pointing).

2) Substituting the verbal communication (nodding "yes", shaking "no", questioning facial expression, emblem gestures).

3) Disagreeing with the verbal communication (confirming something but shaking your head hesitantly or shrugging your shoulders).

4) Affectionate (instinctive) support of the spoken word (concerned frown or encouraging pat on the back).

5) Details about the mutual relation (smiling, eye contact, touching, distance, posture).

6) Giving emphasis to the verbal communication (a wagging finger when you express an accusation or reproaching someone with a loud voice and banging on the table angrily).

7) Putting together and managing the verbal communication ( the dots and commas of the spoken sentences: looking at someone and looking away, pauses and supporting hand gestures).


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