Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Body Language (Part -x)

                                              Body Language (Part -x)
Significance of Communication:
The words we express or vent contribute a very vital role in other's perception for us. To leave a good impression, like in job interview, it is very important for us to know what message our body language is delivering or conveying. There is a very popular quotation also "First Impression is the Last Impression" so to make the first impression, positive we must have to make our body language also positive. The person who  receives our body language signals will have the feeling which is very difficult to describe in words and even more difficult to verify what actually was communicated or expressed.
We say and hear at times like :" I have a gut feeling that he/she doesn't like me" or " I don't think that he is saying truth." These kinds of gut feelings is known as intuition which particularly arise when our subconscious receives body language data which doesn't corresponds or go parallel with the verbal words we received.

Body language is part of communication:
Body language is definitely revealing, but at the same time it should not be seen separately from all other means and forms of communication.

(i) Contact and Interaction-- When we search for the keyword "communication" on the search engines, we will get a screen filled with loads and lots of websites and blogs relating to computers and telephony. We have forgotten actually what communication is all about-- contact and interaction between people. Needless to say, these means of communication like telephone, computer, fax, can be used for this but interaction is usually concerned with communication over a long distance, but it can also concern contact with a colleague in the next room or having close distance. When we are communicating over short or close distance, we generally do not use any tools. At such times, we communicate through the use of speech and body language like in interview, public speaking, dating etc.

(ii) Message, sender and receiver-- When there is communication or conversation between two or more people, there is a transmission of information. One is delivering the information another is receiving it and vice versa. In communication theory, this information is termed as "message". The person who is sending the message is the sender and who is receiving is the receiver.
When people are in the company of others, it is impossible to not to communicate. Even when nothing is being said orally, a message will always be delivering through the body language. Communication takes place consciously or subconsciously as mentioned earlier. Like other emotions, body language can also said as emotion which arises from mind.  For example: When we are lying in something, we just try to get rid of that matter, either we say perfectly, our body wont help us by delivering a different message to the receiver ( short eye contact or not able to make eye contact), this is somewhat subconscious action.


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