Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Body Language (Part-VI-Courtship Gestures)


As like in determining the behaviour, attitude, thinking pattern, body language is also important in expressing and pointing the gestures of courtship or attraction. To be attracted to opposite gender or to attract the opposite, personality development is the only tool to make the first and foremost impression whatever be the motto of attraction or being attracted.

Male Courtship Gestures:
Men like to preen (making oneself look attractive) when they see a woman approaching them and one can find them straightening their tie or collar or brushing away imaginary dust from their shoulder or rearranging their coat or shirt or hair. A male may show his aggressive sexual display by the thumbs-in-belt gesture that focuses on his genital region or he could turn his body towards the female and point his foot at her or hold her gaze intimately for longer period of time with his pupils dilated. A man with his hands on his hips shows off his physique and his willingness to get involved with the female in front of him. While leaning against the wall or when seated, he might spread out his legs to attract attention.

Female Courtship Gestures:
Women also like to preen more than a man do. They touch their hair, smooth their clothes, place one or both hands on hips, point a foot towards the male, gaze intimately for a long duration. Women like to toss their hair back from over the shoulder or away from their face. An interested female will expose the soft, smooth skin of her wrist, considered to be one of the highly erotic areas of the whole body. While sitting or standing may keep her leg wider than normal when a male comes. She may hold his gaze, with her eyelids partially drooping, long enough for him to notice, before she looks away. She may wet her lips, denoting sexual invitation. A woman may tuck one leg under the other and point the knee to the person she is interested in. The leg twine or the crossing of one leg over the other is the most enticing body language in sitting position that a woman can take to attract attention.

**These are some basic gestures or body language relating to courtship or attraction**


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