Saturday, February 20, 2010

Handwriting Analysis (Kid's Stuff)

Children phase is the phase which a kid learns from every actions and reactions he/she is experiencing which can be positive as well as negative too. Children are taught to write at an age when their motor control is sufficient for them to hold a pen properly and coordinate its movements. Why then should learning to write be so difficult and unpleasant? The answer: children, too, are people, with personalities that the commonly taught methods of penmanship deny. They are forced to emulate traits that are not necessarily their own, so there is a lot of room for improvement in teaching this subject. For example, many standard script alphabets unwittingly incorporate negative personality traits such as jealousy and argumentativeness. Eventually, kids will discard such behavior if it is not part of their true nature, but how much easier for everyone if these habits didn't have to be reckoned with unnecessarily.
     By contrast, a script system developed by Dr. Richard Stoller, a graphologist and psychologist, consciously tries to promote positive traits in kids in teaching them how to write.In devising the chart, Dr. Stoller removed negative traits strokes, such as jealousy loops, so that only positive children who have learned penmanship with this method.
     Unlike the many teachers in Europe who are required to study handwriting analysis, teachers in America are generally dogmatic about teaching penmanship. For one thing, boys, even in today's liberated climate, are given greater leeway than girls, who are expected to have better handwriting.
     Graphologically, there's no inherent difference between handwriting of males and females. Yet messiness in boys' script is tolerated more than in girls' because of cultural conditioning. Boys are not only permitted to express their energy more than girls in the classroom, but they simply are not geared toward good penmanship.
    As part of our culture, historically women have been encouraged to write beautifully. Beautiful penmanship was part  of a woman's accomplishments. Before World War when communicating was done chiefly by letter, they developed studied scripts as an art form. Modern grade school teachers often provide good examples of studied writing. They seem to have similar script not only because they teach penmanship but because they practiced writing impeccably on the blackboard.
   Another problem in teaching penmanship is that scrawled writing is not tolerated. But as i have mentioned earlier, scrawled writing means thoughts come faster than the writer's ability to put them down. This is true in case of adults and some children. But, for the most part, children scrawl because they are not mature or habitual of writing. In any case, they should not be pressed and if should not worry parent who are told their little Adam or Kenneth or Amanda or Stacy is a bright student but does not do well in penmanship.

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